Member, TLS, Training Coordinator

September 10, 2013 Download pdf

The Training Coordination Subcommittee (TCS) is made up of members from each of the knowledge communities (KCs). TCS makes decisions about all Core Education Program (CEP) workshops and a variety of other professional development opportunities.

The TCS TLS coordinator is a member of the TLS KC leadership team and represents TLS interests on the TCS. As TLS itself is pan-NAFSA in its scope, the TCS coordinator provides leadership for the development, maintenance, and offering of training opportunities that are relevant for all NAFSA members, such as developing mechanisms for up-to-date theory and research to be incorporated into NAFSA's Core Education Program. In addition, the TCS TLS coordinator provides leadership on topics specific to TLS interests, such as research-related professional development experiences. The TCS TLS coordinator is accountable to the NAFSA membership and reports to the chair of the TLS Knowledge Community.

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