Changing Perceptions: Developing Education Abroad Marketing Strategies for Underrepresented Students


Education Abroad is an opportunity that should be available to all students; however, many student populations on campuses are not participating in these programs.

How can institutions increase underrepresented student participation? Education Abroad professionals should be aware of the populations their marketing campaigns are targeting. Are they highlighting a diverse group of students? Are they showcasing scholarships? Is their language inclusive and their imagery familiar?

Designing marketing materials to appeal to diverse groups on campus is the first step to increasing underrepresented student populations’ participation in Education Abroad.

This resource will help you to:

  • Create targeted marketing materials to encourage underrepresented student populations on your campus to study abroad
  • Set appropriate short- and long-term goals to outline your marketing plan
  • Recognize different marketing methods to reach your target audience, including utilizing campus partners, using inclusive language and imagery, and considering cultural distinctions.

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Created for the 2016 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado by:

  • Myla Edmond, University of California Education Abroad Program
  • Janka Pieper, Northwestern University International Program Development
  • Melody Stratton, University of Kansas Study Abroad