Integrating Study Abroad Into Institutional Mission: Institutional Examples

December 04, 2009

The resources in this area include mission statements and strategic plans from three universities that have successfully integrated study abroad into their institutional missions.

Integrating study abroad into institutional mission
Arcadia University: Center for Education Abroad - Our Mission
Indiana University: New Strategic Plan
San Francisco State University: Strategic Plan

Maximizing Short-term Education Abroad

August 2008

The American Council on Education Innovative Campus Strategies Web site presents these innovative short-term study abroad programs:

  • Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center's consortium of small colleges international business study abroad program.
  • Arcadia University's First Year Students Study Abroad Experience one-week opportunity.
  • Murray State University's Discover Korea two-week education abroad program.
  • Kennesaw State University's two week inexpensive study abroad programs, including summer study program in China.
  • College of Notre Dame of Maryland provides all academically eligible students a scholarship for one short-term study abroad experience.
  • Oakland Community College sends 10 students annually for a week-long program at the Salzburg Seminar.
  • Webster University's International Business six to nine week Internship.

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Impact of the Penn Compact: Achievements Under the Penn Compact 2004-2008

January 8, 2010

The University of Pennsylvania's Penn Compact describes the institution's vision to "propel the University of Pennsylvania from excellence to eminence in all our core endeavors of teaching, research, and service." Three principles inform the compact: increasing access, integrating knowledge, and engaging locally and globally. This last principle includes a focus on study abroad.

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Fulbright Scholar Program: Building International Connections for U.S. Universities

January 12, 2010

This research article presents the institutional benefits gained when U.S. faculty members "undertake the challenging, character-defining, and spirit-satisfying work of teaching and conducting research far from home." The first part of the report examines the activity of returned Fulbright Scholars in four key areas:

  • Internationalizing curricula
  • Promoting study abroad
  • Attracting foreign students and faculty
  • Enhancing international involvement among colleagues and communities

The second part of the report presents case study examples that describe the impact nine Fulbright Scholars have had on their home institutions’ international engagement.

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The Global: Implications for Research and the Curriculum

January 12, 2010

In April 2008, the Brandeis University Office of Global Affairs hosted a symposium designed to stimulate discussion among the Brandeis community about implications of "the global" - the forces sometimes called "globalization" - on all aspects of university life. The two-day series of events covered a range of topics on these implications, from collaborative research to new curricular methods, from community engagement to the very mission and purpose of the U.S. research university.

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