Invisible Identities Abroad

October 04, 2017


The prevalence of students participating in education abroad programs who have learning disabilities, food allergies, and other invisible identities has increased sharply in recent years. Review this presentation to learn more about advising students with invisible identities.

These resources will help you to:

  • Become comfortable discussing these identities and encourage your students to disclose their invisible identity to you.
  • Manage expectations of students prior to departure and provide culturally relevant information to them.
  • Identify appropriate on-site accommodations for students with invisible identities.

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Created for the 2017 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California by:

  • Brett M. Chin, Babson College
  • Darren R. Gallant, Brandeis University
  • Paula Hentz, Stetson University
  • Morgan Reiss, CIEE Sevilla Study Center