Not Just Life-Changing! Helping U.S. Students Articulate Skills Garnered During Study Abroad

December 17, 2015 Download pdf


When students return from their “life-changing” programs abroad, it is oftentimes hard for them to articulate their experience beyond, “It was awesome!” or “I made so many new friends!” This resource is designed to help education abroad professionals encourage their students to move beyond those simplifications and express their experience in a more meaningful way. It is becoming increasingly apparent that employers are interested to learn about students’ experiences abroad. Students need to learn how to describe their time overseas in a way that is valuable to employers.

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This resource will help you to:

  • Impart upon students importance of articulating transferable skills gained during their programs abroad
  • Provide students with tools to think more critically about their overseas experiences
  • Encourage students to stay connected to their programs abroad long after they return

Created for the 2015 Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts by:

  • Aileen M. O’Donnell – Manager, IIE Alumni Initiative, Institute for International Education (IIE)
  • Sarah Malloy – Assistant Director, Faculty Led Programs & Risk Management, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
  • Andrew Wingfield – Director, Degree Programs, International Studies Abroad (ISA)