Recruiting for Staff Diversity


A Resource based on the Collegial Conversation held on February 3, 2016

This Collegial Conversation explored strategies to overcome the various challenges many international education professionals face when striving to achieve greater diversity in their offices.

The panelists for this Collegial Conversation were Moira Rogers, PhD, from the University of Maryland, and Gretchen Cook-Anderson, from IES Abroad. Learn more and read the full transcript.

Major Topics of Discussion

Defining Diversity:
The word "Diversity" can be interpreted in many ways. Often Human Resource professionals reference the EEO policy, but one can also thinking about diversity as it relates to age, past experience, educational background/training, etc.

Recruiting for Diversity:
There are a number of online jobs boards/publications that target in higher education that target professionals of color, for example. These are excellent places to advertise.


Also consider using the NAFSA Black/Multicultural Professional International Educators (BMcPIE) special interest group networking page to announce opportunities. Simply login and search for BMcPIE in the “Communities” menu.

Tips for Hiring:
Create a safe space where issues of inclusion can be discussed. Name micro-aggressions and address them. Ensure you create collaborative practices. Ensure all your staff members have a voice / opportunity to participate in projects. Allocate resources for professional development. And, very importantly, be aware of the developmental stages of all your staff members around these issues so you act mindfully and in a way that they can hear you!

Diversifying Study Abroad Programs

Your key to success is in building relationships with multiple stakeholders on campus. I think you can also leverage students (under grad and grad) who may benefit from an internship and thus help you diversify your resources.

Diversity Initiatives from NAFSA

Learn more about NAFSA's diversity initiatives.


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