Increasingly, U.S. students and their families are exploring the options for engaging in educational experiences outside the United States. While NAFSA does not provide resources or assistance directly to students, most of our members do. Below you will find links to Web sites designed with students in mind. In addition to stories and advice from students like you who are engaging in education abroad, you will also find links to general guidance and information.

Familiarize yourself with the information contained in the links below. Then, when you meet with your study abroad, financial aid, and academic advisers, you will be equipped with some basic information and ready to ask questions and hear more specifics about the opportunities your home institution provides and the processes your institution uses to facilitate your education abroad experience.

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

Funding Education Abroad

How much does education abroad cost? How can you fund it? For details about studying abroad for your school, you'll need to talk with your education abroad adviser. Before you schedule that appointment, use the information in the following pages to learn some of the basics so that when you meet, you can get right to the answers specific to your campus!

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Personal Accounts from U.S. Students

Notable U.S. Study Abroad and Peace Corp Alumni
A list of study abroad and Peace Corps alumni who have gone on to accomplish great things.

Diversity Abroad Alumni Experiences
Learn first hand from students of about their diverse and inspiring experiences abroad!

Student Diplomat Video Competition
A competition hosted yearly by NAFSA and a partner organization asking students to submit essays on how their experience abroad changed them and helped shape their world views.

Duke University's Postcards from Abroad
Stories of memorable study abroad experiences gathered from Duke University students, administrators, and faculty.

Abroad View magazine
Articles by students sorted by world region or topic.

Glimpse Abroad
First person, cultural-experience pieces written by study abroad students, volunteers, international students, and others living abroad.

Transitions Abroad
A guide to practical information on the alternatives to mass tourism: living, working, studying, volunteering abroad, and vacationing with the host country.

Want to Make a Difference in International Education and Exchange?

CoWorldAs a student or scholar, you have the experience - and can tell the stories - that policymakers must hear if they are going to be convinced themselves and become involved in helping to further international education and exchange. Sign up on Connecting Our World, NAFSA’s online home for grassroots advocacy, for opportunities to contact your members of Congress, engage with others who support international education, and share your story. Join Today!