As a profession grows and matures, its membership ideally becomes more involved and hard-working. Committed, outstanding individuals emerge as leaders and as behind-the-scene workers. As the profession takes form, its membership is usually so busy and otherwise engaged that it often doesn't have the time to honor those who have gone beyond the call of duty in some way or made unique contributions to the field.

In the ESL arena, the time to notice and celebrate those around us arrived long ago. At present, our field is certainly old enough as a profession to have too many names to honor. In 2002, it was determined that one small way to begin to acknowledge outstanding individuals is on our ATESL Web site (former NAFSA Administrators and Teachers of English as a Second Language Section). It was with the best of intentions, the highest hopes, and the purest motivation that ATESL invited the other four ASG (AAIEP, UCIEP, PA IS, IEP IS) organizations to participate in a Colleague Recognition Award.

Criteria Used to Select Nominees

The ATESL National Team asked each leader of the four ASG organizations to designate two deserving people to receive the "first ever" award. At that time, only two criteria were put in place: Membership—that the recipients be members of NAFSA, as well as their specific ASG organization—and Contributions—that they be chosen for their contributions to their specific organization, as well as to the ESL field in general.

Currently, the names of those selected are made public at the annual NAFSA conference when certificates are presented during the ATESL Sectional Update meeting. The name of the recipients and the nominating organizations appear in the NAFSA newsletter and on the ATESL Web site.

Nomination Procedures

The ATESL team is pleased to report that the presentation of the ATESL Colleague Recognition Awards will be enhanced by the following changes adopted by the ATESL Team at the Washington Leadership Meeting in January 2004:
  • A brief statement regarding the specific contributions of the honorees will be submitted by the nominating organization and read at the time of presentation.
  • The name of the organization, the name of the honoree, and the contribution of the honoree will appear on the ATESL Web site and will be submitted to NAFSA for publication following the annual conference. Until the presentation, the selection of the honorees will remain confidential.
  • In order to allow ample time for each honoree to be recognized, the ASG organizations are asked to submit the name of one (1) person to be honored by the nominating organization and ATESL. Please note, two (2) names were submitted by each organization during the first two years of this award.
  • Honorees must be a member both of the nominating organization and of NAFSA. While the nominating organization may waive the requirement of membership in its organization, NAFSA membership cannot be waived.

2004 Recipients
Baltimore, May 2004
  • Charles Windish, AAIEP
  • Alan Juffs, UCIEP
  • Ann Frentzen, TESOL PA IS
  • Judy Judd-Price, TESOL IEP IS

2003 Recipients
Salt Lake City, May 2003
  • William M. Fish, AAIEP
  • Bill Harshbarger, AAIEP
  • Louis W. Holschuh, UCIEP
  • Scott Stevens, UCIEP
  • Bob Pesek, TESOL PA IS
  • John Shannon, TESOL PA IS
  • Penny Larson, TESOL IEP IS
  • Jim Scofield, TESOL IEP IS

2002 Recipients
San Antonio, May 2002
  • Mary Reeves, AAIEP
  • Peter Thomas, AAIEP
  • Susie Miller, PA IS
  • Judith Snoke, PA IS
  • Joann Geddes, UCIEP
  • Louise Krumm, UCIEP