In Honor of Marita Houlihan

Marita Houlihan, former State Department official, pioneered in the establishment and administration of the Fulbright international student exchange program in the 1940s and ‘50s. She was also instrumental in the development of the U.S. government program for improving the cultural and academic experiences of privately sponsored students through grants to universities and institutions which share this goal, including NAFSA, although she was not a member.

The NAFSA International Education Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field in Honor of Marita Houlihan recognizes an individual who has displayed imaginative activity, outstanding personal enterprise, and creative contributions to the field of international education through program development, writing, or research. The Awardee does not have to be a practitioner but his/her work must be recognized for its impact on professional colleagues. 

Nominations will open in early 2021 for this 2021 NAFSA International Education Award.

Michael Paige, PhD

Michael Paige
University of Minnesota
In 2019, NAFSA was pleased to posthumously recognize R. Michael Paige with the NAFSA International Education Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field. Paige died on November 9, 2018. Until his retirement in 2012, Paige was professor of international and intercultural education at the...

Joan Solaun

Joan Solaun
Academic Programs International
Joan Solaún was the Director of Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean for Academic Programs International in Austin, Texas. She served as Director of Study Abroad at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign for twenty-three years. Upon retirement from Illinois, Joan developed and...
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