Through my many connections with NAFSA colleagues spanning over 30 years, I have come to appreciate the deep sense of meaning and commitment that so many international education professionals have brought to our profession. Through countless hours they have given of themselves, not only on their campus, but also to the association and our field at large.

They have attended committee meetings, organized workshops, delivered presentations, held leadership posts, mentored colleagues, engaged in advocacy and the list goes on. I personally have benefited from some of our finest leaders through all that I have learned from them. They have shaped our association and the nature of our work. A few have already been honored for their contributions. Many still toil quietly in the background. Their recognition will come one day...or perhaps now it is time!

Do you know someone whom you admire in a similar way? Someone you may recognize as having shaped our profession at the local and national level. Perhaps they are a trusted mentor or a long-time colleague about to retire. Are there outstanding young professionals who are in the early trajectory of their careers and you see a bright future for them in the field of international education?

Take this opportunity to nominate them today for a NAFSA national award!

Don't wait for tomorrow or next week or the week after. You may not get to it! Nominate a deserving colleague for this honor. Learn more about the NAFSA National Awards Program, including the new Rising Star Young Professional Award.

Go ahead! Demonstrate your own appreciation and gratitude to those who have served and have taught us the tools of our trade, and thank you so much for taking time to recognize your colleagues!

The NAFSA Awards Sub-Committee comprising John Greisberger, Kathy Sideli, Kay Thomas, Rosemary Valencia, and myself look forward to reviewing your nominations for this year’s Leadership Awards. Act now! The deadline is February 13, 2015.

Ivor Emmanuel
Berkeley International Office
University of California, Berkeley
Chair, NAFSA Awards Sub-Committee