International Education WeekAs we approach International Education Week 2010 (November 15-19), how are you and your state celebrating?

Since 2000, the U.S. Departments of Education and State have jointly hosted International Education Week each year to celebrate the importance and impact of international education and exchange. Colleges and universities around the world will coordinate events and activities that showcase how international education connects people across borders, builds cross-cultural understanding, prepares students with global skills, and ultimately creates the foundation for a more peaceful world.

Many state governors are marking the event by issuing state-wide proclamations that recognize the importance of international education and designate November 15-19 as International Education Week. You can find out if your governor has issued a proclamation by visiting our regularly updated list of state proclamations. If your governor issued a proclamation, consider emailing or calling your governor’s office to say thank you. If you don’t see your state on the list, contact your governor to urge him or her to issue a proclamation. You can find contact information for your governor here, and you can make sure NAFSA gets a copy of the proclamation to display online by emailing us at govrel[at]

Together we can raise awareness about the importance of international education and exchange and its positive impact. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all 50 states issued a proclamation in support of International Education Week?

To learn more about how you can celebrate, share your ideas and stories, and test your knowledge about international education, visit our International Education Week campaign page on Connecting Our World.