F-1 Regulations for Beginners

Audience: Beginning foreign student advisers with up to 15 months of experience
Dates and Times: Tuesday 10/21, 8:00am-5:00pm
Chair: Christina Hertel, U. of Colorado-Denver
Cost: $200 members/$230 nonmembers

This introductory workshop offers participants the basic theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to advise international students on F-1 visa matters. The workshop begins with an overview of terminology and the visa process. It focuses on the responsibilities of a USCIS-approved school and the Designated School Official (DSO), the definition of F-1 status and maintenance of status, creating a SEVIS record and issuing an I-20, dependent visa matters, updating SEVIS records (reports, change of level, program extension), school transfer, reinstatement, change of status, employment, and practical training. The format includes lecture, exercises, and discussions.

Workshop Objectives

  • Provide participants with the basic theoretical and practical knowledge needed for F-1 immigration advising
  • Offer international student advisers, new to the profession, basic regulatory training
  • Prepare participants to accurately process the immigration forms that their students require to stay in good legal standing

F-1 Regulations: The Second Step

Audience: DSOs with more than 15 months of experience in regulatory advising.
Dates and Times: Monday 10/20 2:00-6:00pm, Tuesday 10/21 8:30am-12:30pm
Chair: Linda Melville, U. of New Mexico
Cost: $200 members/$230 nonmembers

The "Second Step" workshop is designed for U.S. Designated School Officials (DSOs) with more than 15 months of experience in the field of international student advising. Discover the subtleties of the most current F-1 regulations and procedures. In addition, the sensitive and complex issues involving DSO discretion and institutional policy will be explored in tandem with DHS regulatory compliance. This workshop specifically addresses advanced topics. Participants wishing more basic training should attend the "Professional Practice Workshop: F-1 Regulations for Beginners."

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the role of the DSO in regards to institutional compliance
  • Understand the role of the DSO in preparing I-20s for initial attendance
  • Understand the issues relating to the maintenance of F status
  • Understand the issues relating to reinstatement, transfer, travel and reentry, change of status, and employment relative to F visa

Foreign Educational Credentials Evaluation

Audience: Admissions Professionals and Recruiters with less than 3 years of experience in foreign academic credential evaluation and placement
Dates and Times: Monday 10/20, 2:00-6:00pm and Tuesday 10/21, 8:00am-5:00pm
Chair: Carmen Varejcka-McGee, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cost: $200 members/$230 nonmembers

This twelve hour Professional Practice Workshop provides basic training in foreign credentials evaluation and placement for individuals from universities and colleges. Topics covered include: information needed to evaluate credentials, how to develop a resource library and support base, understanding the credit and grade conversion process. Note: Participants should bring a calculator.

Workshop Objectives

  • Recognize and identify status/legitimacy of institution
  • Understand basic methodology and benchmarking credentials
  • Apply basic methodology and benchmarking to credentials
  • Become familiar with available resources and create a resource library
  • Convert grades. Convert credits from credit-based, hours-based, marks-based and outcome-based credentials
  • Calculate grade point averages

Filing Academic H-1B Petitions

Audience: Beginners and intermediates in the field of campus immigration work.
Dates and Times: Tuesday 10/21, 8:00am-5:00pm
Chair: Charles Bankart, U. of Kansas
Cost: $100 members/$130 nonmembers

This workshop is designed for participants who handle the H-1B process in an academic setting. This workshop compares the H-1B designation with other visa classifications (such as O-1, TN, and J-1); highlights potential areas of need and approaches with regard to institutional policy as it relates to the H-1B processes; discusses case management and record maintenance approaches, needs, and requirements; provides an overview of new and pending H-1B legislation and how that will impact institutions of higher education; examines case examples from the field; reviews the respective roles and spheres of influence of USCIS and USDOL; and provides and overview of how institutional representatives can make their voices heard regarding the positive or adverse impact of proposed regulatory changes at the national level (public advocacy). It does not include information on issues of employment in a medical setting since the laws governing the practice of medicine in the United States by foreign medical graduates are separate from those governing other employment. This intermediate workshop is primarily for those involved in employment-based immigration work on a regular basis.

Workshop Objectives

  • Provide basic legal background for NAFSAns whose job includes the processing of H-1B petitions for international employees
  • Alternatives to H-1B status will be covered , including how the 'change of status' process works and the respective advantages/disadvantages of different classifications
  • Work through a detailed H-1B case study from department request to filing with DHS
  • Examine the need for institutional policies and procedures related to the processing of H-1B cases
  • Participants will receive sample intake forms and explore mandatory and preferred record-keeping methods

Planning and Implementing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Audience: Education Abroad professionals and others interested in short-term programs.
Dates and Times: Tuesday 10/21, 8:30am-12:30pm
Chair: Cynthia Banks, AustraLearn/AsiaLearn/EuroLearn
Cost: $50 members/$70 nonmembers

In this workshop you will learn from education abroad practitioners the process for designing, implementing, and managing high quality, academically sound, short-term programs. Understand the differences between theory and practice as workshop panelists share their experiences to give participants key learning tools and strategies for building the right kind of program for the university, managing a budget, dealing with faculty leaders, and hiring the right on-shore providers to successfully deliver the program. Workshop participants will also share their own case stories and hear from other professionals to further build a working plan for managing successful short term study abroad programs.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the challenges of institutional support for short term study abroad programs and find ways to seek support and “buy-in” of key administrators and faculty.
  • Develop an awareness of the logistical process for operating short-term programs, such as timelines, on-site arrangements, and marketing
  • Review various short term program models and be able to determine which type of program may fit best at the home institution
  • Learn how to choose a program provider on site to help design and manage the program
  • Gain insight into how to best prepare students and faculty leaders for a successful program

Mid-Career Professional Development for International Educators

Audience: Mid-career international educators in all areas.
Dates and Times: Tuesday 10/21, 1:00-5:00pm
Chair: Chuck Olcese, PittsburgStateUniversity
Cost: $50 members/$70 nonmembers

This workshop is designed to help mid-career folks who wish to deepen or broaden their ability to handle the unique leadership challenges involved in international education. The meaning of leadership in a global context and in relation to cultural diversity will be examined through specific institutional perspectives, helpful resources will be introduced, and experienced leaders in the field will offer insight and guidance that you can put to use in your own institutional context.

Workshop Objectives

  • Assess your professional situation and the challenges you now face or may face
  • Gain deeper understanding of current issues and trends in international education
  • Learn from experienced leaders who have dealt with leadership challenges in various situations
  • Identify strategies and resources that will help you develop of your own capacities and directions as a leader

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