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Tuesday, October 26

Scholar Advising Update
Session Chair and Presenter: Loveness Schafer, Louisiana State University
Presenters: David Ware, David Ware & Associates; Maggie Pinson, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Constance Harley, Department of State; Tammie King, Department of State
This session will review recent developments in immigration laws, regulations, policies, and processes affecting international scholars (faculty and staff). It will focus on the H, and J categories, and lawful permanent residence.

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The International Student Initiative: Growing an International Student Population from the Ground Up

Session Chair and Presenter: Fawziyia Alsarraj, University of St. Thomas
Presenters: John Meuser, University of St. Thomas; ELS program partner, ELS
The importance and viability of recruiting and retaining an international student and scholar population and creating an international friendly campus is becoming more important as traditional means of recruitment are having less than desirable results. At St. Thomas, we created an Office of International Student and Scholar Services devoted to both aforementioned goals. Please let us share our experiences as we have succeeded in growing both populations, but learned a great deal in the process.

When Paradise Has an Edge: Advising for Safety and Reality in Non-traditional Destinations

Session Chair and Presenter: Jenny Achilles, University of Texas at Austin
Presenters: Megan Wood, SIT Study Abroad; Lia Haisley, University of Texas at Austin
How do we encourage study in non-traditional locations while still having frank discussions on the security risks inherent to some of these sites? How do we balance preparing students for potential risk without discouraging them from studying in non-traditional destinations? This session will focus on tools for advising students considering countries with perceived increased security risks compared to the US and will include tips for advising during program selection and pre-departure orientation, from the perspective of a university advisor and a third-party provider. It will also address advising for students who study in locations that students don't tend to anticipate increased security risks.

Asia: The Study Abroad Path Less Traveled!

Session Chair and Presenter: Elizabeth Adams, AustraLearn/AsiaLearn/EuroLearn (Educational Programs of GlobaLinks)
Presenters: Kim Diehl de Yanes, University of Texas at San Antonio; Wendy Sheets, University of Tulsa
The 21st Century is projected to be the Asian Century due to population growth and economic forecasts. Asia is a power-house in the fields of business, politics, education, and science, yet few students choose to study there. Reasons can include fear of the unknown, cultural differences and misperceptions, and lack of language skill. This session will address the challenges we face in advising on study abroad in Asia and remove false barriers to student participation. The countries of Asia are much more accessible than some may think and offer opportunities for students of all academic backgrounds, regardless of prior language study.

The "P" in OPT: Practical Guidance in OPT Applications and Advising

Session Chair and Presenter: Adam Harold, University of North Texas
Presenters: Monica Sharp, University of Oklahoma
How can you help your students submit a complete OPT application to ensure timely processing? How can you limit the number of (or avoid receiving) Requests for Evidence from U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)? How clear are the regulations? Presenters share their tips for successful OPT filings, USCIS interactions, and creating helpful guidance resources for your institution.

Don't Sing the Blues: Get the English Language Proficiency Scores you can Use

Session Chair and Presenter: Kathy Pruner, Educational Testing Service (ETS)
The way a test is scored can have tremendous impact on admissions decisions. Discover the guiding principles behind various English language proficiency exams and learn about how the scoring process for the TOEFL test ensures you receive scores you can use to select the best qualified applicants for your institution.

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Screening of the feature documentary —Crossing Borders with the film director

Session Chair and Presenter: Samanthia Slaight, North Lake College
Presenters: Arnd Wächter, Crossing Borders Education; Melissa Gluckmann, Western Connecticut State University
The session will involve a screening of our feature documentary —Crossing Borders,? and a dialogue with participants about creating inspirational intercultural events. The film is a cross-cultural tool designed to empower students by: 1. heightening awareness of hidden preconceptions, 2. supporting the development of intercultural empathy and critical thinking skills, 3. initiating dialogue between students of different cultures through new media. The film received honors at: Illinois International Film Festival 2009, Honolulu Film Festival 2010, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2010, DocMiami International 2010. The three minute trailer and synopsis are available at:

Leadership Development Opportunities in NAFSA

Session Chair and Presenter: Erin Brown
Presenters: Ana Billeaux, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi; Chelsea Kindred, Academic Programs International (API); Shelby Cearley, Texas Tech University
International education is always changing and there are many ways to get involved and grow professionally. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, come join us as we reflect and discuss leadership opportunities in NAFSA from the Academy to Trainer Corps.

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VAT Recovery: Dollars and Cents Matter

Session Chair and Presenter: Raj Shah, Universal VAT Service
Colleges and universities can recover up to 25% of their foreign expenditures through Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds. This session will provide a brief history of VAT, how the recovery process works, examples of eligible products and services and documents needed for filing. Some successful VAT recovery cases will be shared and time provided for questions from participants.

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Assessment: Is it Working? Online Study Abroad Evaluation

Session Chair and Presenter: Adam Miller, Abroad101
Presenters: Jeff Simpson, Oklahoma State; Ashlee Flinn, Austin College
This session will discuss assessment as a general concept for Study Abroad profes-sionals, as well as how various institutions deal with the challenge of effective assess-ment. Aggregate data representing several thousand study abroad student evaluations across over 70 universities will be presented. Case studies of two specific institutions and their use of evaluations will also be presented.

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Update on the Commonwealth Caribbean: What’s New? A Lot!

Session Chair and Presenter: James Meyers, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
This session will preview the upcoming ECE book, Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean. We'll share the process of preparing a large collaborative publication, from initial research, to in-country investigation, final draft preparation and follow-up research. Since Stephen Fisher's 1979 book on the Commonwealth Caribbean, the face of education has changed dramatically: over 150 new colleges in the region, associate degrees, new examinations administered by the Caribbean Examination Council and several national accreditation bodies have been established with a regional accreditation body under consideration.

The Ingredients to a Successful Change of Status Application

Session Chair and Presenter: Samantha Clement, Texas A & M University
Would you like some guidance for how to put together a successful Change of Status application? Do you know what documents must be included for the most common types of applications (i.e. F-2 to F-1, F-1 to F-2, H-4 to F-1, etc.)? During this session, you will learn about the documents required, discover best practices from the experiences of others, discuss lessons learned from past mistakes, and much more. After this session, you should have the materials and contacts needed to file a successful Change of Status application.

PowerPoint Presentation

Change of Status to F-1

Change of Status of F-2

Change of Status Cover Letter F-1

Change of Status Cover Letter F-2

Mission Possible: Engineering Students Abroad

Session Chair and Presenter: Shelli Crockett, Texas Tech University
Presenters: Walt Oler and Elizabeth McDaniel, Texas Tech University
This panel will present the strategies employed by Texas Tech to increase the number of engineering students going abroad more than 15 fold in less than two years. Panelists will discuss the strategies used to identify partner institutions, develop faculty-led programs and recruit students to participate in study abroad programs.

The Best Test Keeps Getting Better! News from the GRE Program at ETS

Session Chair and Presenter: Jonathan Murray, Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Learn all about the important changes and critical timelines for the GRE® revised General Test launching in 2011, hear the latest on the ETS® Personal Potential Index and how it can deliver greater insight into a candidate's potential for success, and discover how the GRE® Search Service can help you to recruit candidates who are the right match for your graduate programs.

Employment Verification E-Verify 3.0/3.5--Not the Brees We Were Looking For

Session Chair and Presenter: Monica Sharp, University of Oklahoma
Presenters: Kevin Lashus, Greenburg Traurig, LLP
Institutions of higher learning that have elected to use (or are considering using) E-Verify to assist with employment verification have been hoping that the Government incorporate system improvements to the application. In this session, we will discuss the latest updates, examine increased compliance monitoring and recommend best practices to ease logistical challenges. Become a Super Bowl MVP on your compliance team!

RFEs for F-1, H-1B, and Outstanding Professor and Researcher Petitions

Session Chair and Presenter: Loveness Schafer, Louisiana State University
Presenters: Adam Harold, University of North Texas; Dawn Cepica, Texas Tech University
This panel will provide an overview of the current trends in US CIS's adjudication of F-1, H-1B, and Outstanding Professor/Researcher petitions. The goal is to analyze what adjudicators are looking for in a complete, approvable petition; and to avoid Requests for Further Evidence.

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Internationalizing the Curriculum in a Post 9/11 World: The Power of Adding Film to your Intercultural Toolbox

Session Chair and Presenter: Samanthia Slaight, North Lake College
Presenters: Dr. Craig Shealy, International Believe and Value Institute (IBAVI); Juliette Schmidt, Search for Common Ground; Arnd Wächter, Crossing Borders Education
Next year will mark a decade since the tragic events of September 11. Today's undergraduate college students were 8-12 years old in 2001 and consequently have spent their intellectually formative years with post-9/11 media coverage. This practical session explores a concrete example of how film can be effectively added to the curriculum to create dialogue about intercultural awareness. We will be screening parts of the award winning feature documentary —Crossing Borders?. The film director Arnd Wachter, Dr. Craig Shealy, IBAVI and Juliette Schmidt, SfCG will share their vision how cross-cultural film has the potential to strengthen cross-cultural empathy, inspire participation in intercultural programs and encourage action for educated peace in a post-9/11 world.

Overcoming Barriers to International Experience

Session Chair and Presenter: Linda McKee, Tulane University
Presenters: Molly Travis, Tulane University
Educators can create barriers that prevent their students from studying abroad. Participants will learn how to overcome barriers which are based on misconceptions of licensure and accreditation rules and lack of understanding of the value of international experience for professional development and school improvement.

Wednesday, October 27

Lagniappe for Program Coordinators: Advising Study Abroad Students with Disabilities

Session Chair and Presenter: Laura Semenow, University of Tulsa
Presenters: Trevor Budge, CIEE; Irene Scott, Texas A & M University
As a result of internationalization efforts, more students are interested in international opportunities, especially students with disabilities and mental illnesses. In order to accommodate more diverse prospective study abroad students, there is a need for international education professionals to re-evaluate their programs, pre-departure training, orientation materials, on-site arrangements and emergency protocol to ensure safety and a rewarding opportunity for students. This session will explore the advising process for students with disabilities from the time of application to return. Attendees will gain resources on advocacy, advising, as well as —best practices? from a diverse panel through discussion of case studies.

EducationUSA: What Dat??

Session Chair and Presenter: Janine Farhat, The College Board
Presenters: Jurate Muriniene, EducationUSA Lithuania, Abderrahmane Boussoufa, EducationUSA Algeria; Carolina Tamara, EducationUSA Colombia; Jennifer Boulle, EducationUSA Mauritius; Juliana Bento Pasqual, EducationUSA Brazil
This session will describe the EducationUSA advising network and how U.S. institutions can partner with advising centers to recruit international students and expand study abroad programming for U.S. students. Five advisers from diverse world regions will discuss and answer questions about educational trends in their countries. Opportunities for hosting advisers, traveling to their centers and communicating by web and videoconference will be mentioned.

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Mauritius PowerPoint Presentation

Brazil PowerPoint Presentation

Lithuania PowerPoint Presentation

Colombia PowerPoint Presentation

Algeria PowerPoint Presentation

A Language Immersion Experience: A Turkish Only Turkish Lesson

Session Chair and Presenter: Rebecca Guler, ELS Language Centers-Ruston
Come be a student in a real-life, interactive language lesson using only the target language. You will actively participate in a Turkish lesson to see how much you can learn without using any English. This is a great experience for Study Abroad coordinators, ESL teachers, and anyone working with internationals. At the end of the lesson, there will be discussion and Q&A to review what teaching and learning techniques were effective and how these can be applied in language classrooms by teachers and students.

Working with Providers: An Open Dialogue

Session Chair and Presenter: Todd Karr, Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies
Presenters: Ali Janicek, IFSA-Butler; Jenny Achilles, University of Texas at Austin; Kelli Anderson, Southern Methodist University; Denver Miller, Global Student Experience
This session will provide a roundtable discussion on best practices to working with program providers. The panel of university and provider representatives will lead a group discussion on how to best identify and work with providers who best suit your institutional goals and needs. This is an open dialogue to exchange ideas and thoughts on how best to serve study abroad students.

Trip Cancellation and Delay Insurance: An Overview of the Market

Session Chair and Presenter: Bill Powell, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Higher Education Practice
In the wake of global pandemics, terrorism and natural disasters, college and university study abroad administrators are increasingly concerned with the financial risks associated with international trip cancellation and delays. This session will provide an overview of the insurance products available to protect institutions and students from these risks. Topics to be covered include the types of perils covered, the quotation and enrollment process, and how claims are paid.

Hot Immigraton Topics for US Academic Healthcare

Session Chair and Presenter: Maggie Pinson, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Presenters: Rose Chatelain, Louisiana State University- New Orleans Health Sciences Center; David Ware, David Ware & Associates
This session is an encore presentation of the Healthcare Institution Interest Group (HIIG) sponsored session presented at the annual conference. The focus will be on immigration issues faced by US academic healthcare institutions advising: nursing medical and other healthcare students, medical residents, postgraduate trainees, physicians and allied health care professionals. Topics to be covered Prevailing Wages, and iCert, J-1, H-1B, O-1 and NAFTA and late breaking developments.

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Work Visa Options After Graduation

Session Chair and Presenter: Helene Dang, FosterQuan, LLP
If students have ever sought advice from you on how to obtain work authorization after graduation, you will not want to miss this session. We will discuss the most popular visa types for foreign employees, including the H-1B, L-1, TN, E and O-1, as well as the essential process steps and issues that all international educators need to know.

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Is Safe Harbor Safe?

Session Chair and Presenter: Loveness Schafer, Louisiana State University
Presenters: Daniel P. McCarthy, Gardner Law Firm
This year the US Department of Labor (DOL) centralized the Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) system. Beginning on January 1, 2010, requests for PWDs are filed with the National Prevailing Wage Helpdesk Center (NPWHC). A NPWHC PWD is required in all permanent labor certification cases. For H-1B purposes, an employer may choose to use alternative legitimate sources of prevailing wage. However, an NPWHC determination gives an employer "safe harbor". This session will examine the sources of prevailing wage; pros and cons of choosing safe harbor; and ways to minimize problems when using safe harbor

ICE's Compliance Enforcement Unit: An Insider's Look with Lou Farrell, including the new CAMPUS Sentinel program

Session Chair and Presenter: Adam Harold, University of North Texas
Presenters: Brian Smeltzer, Unit Chief, ICE CEU Headquarters; Fred Divigard, Acting Section Chief, ICE CEU Headquarters; Lou Farrell, Director, ICE SEVP; Kate Kennedy, Chief, ICE SEVP Strategic Communications Section
The Compliance Enforcement Unit (CEU) will provide a brief overview detailing the roles and responsibilities of ICE, defining the CEU, how the CEU and SEVP work collaboratively to ensure a robust international student population in a safe environment, and the CEU's new academic institution outreach program -- CAMPUS Sentinel. The goal of CAMPUS Sentinel is to develop a partnership between ICE and the academic community, which will become a bridge between school officials and their local ICE office.

Wrong, Necessary or Both: the Myths and Realities of International Student Placement Services

Session Chair and Presenter: Matthew Ulmer, IDP Education
Presenters: Mark Shay, IDP Education
Agent use remains a hot topic in international student recruitment. This presentation will review various truths and myths of legal, professional and ethical issues regarding such placement services and will provide advice on when institutions should and should not partner with agents.

Navigating the Bayou: Examining the Millennial Employees’ Transition from School into the Workplace

Session Chair and Presenter: Thomas Teague, Texas A & M University
Presenters: Elizabeth Dunn, Louisiana State University; Wendy Moore, Baylor University; Irene Scott, Texas A & M University; Cely Smart, Texas A & M University– Corpus Christi
Today international education professionals find themselves working more with students of the "Millennial" generation. Consequently, due to shifting generational dynamics, these students are quickly emerging upon graduation as our newest colleagues. We oftentimes expect them to transition seamlessly into the workplace and be successful. However, we tend to neglect the actual transition from school to work itself and its potential impact on the Millennial's abilities. This session will address this transitional period, through case studies and discussion, and will provide both new professionals and their colleagues with strategies to ensure a more seamless and successful transition into the field.

The Big Easy: Using MS Tools to Get Organized and Save Time

Session Chair and Presenter: Julie White, UT Dallas
Presenters: Rebecca Guler, ELS Language Centers
For beginners to intermediate level. Learn how to use Mail Merge and create a Table of Contents in Word. We will also demonstrate some features in Outlook to help keep you organized and save time. If you want a hands-on experience, bring your laptop and we will make practice files available.

Handy Features in MS Outlook

Table of Content Instructions

Mail Merge Instructions

Mail Merge Letter File

Mail Merge Data File

Region IV ESC International Teacher Preparation Program

Session Chair and Presenter: Rene Ruiz, Ed.D., Region IV Education Service Center
Presenters: John Omelan, Region IV Education Service Center
This session will describe the Region IV Education Service Center International Teacher Preparation program that leads to teacher certification in Texas. The program has recommended over 1200 international bilingual teachers for public schools in Texas.

Close Encounters of the Agency Kind

Session Chair and Presenter: Kathleen Gasparian, David Ware & Associates, LLC
Presenters: Fred Divigard, Special Agent, ICE Homeland Security Investigations, Headquarters; Joseph B. LaRocca, Senior Attorney, Office of the Chief Counsel, New Orleans, ICE; Philip T. Miller, Field Officer Director, Enforcement and Removal Operations, New Orleans, ICE; Brian Smeltzer, ICE Compliance Enforcement Unit; Sharon Snyder, Policy Branch Chief, SEVP; Audrey Urban, Supervisory CBP Officer, New Orleans, CBP
This panel session, with representatives of DHS, will explore the different points at which a foreign student or scholar may have contact with a DHS officer. What occurs at port of entry? What happens when a student is terminated in SEVIS? What happens when an individual is taken into DHS custody?

"Who Dat? Foreign Institutions with US Offices! A Conversation with Both Sides!"

Session Chair and Presenter: Ashley Waggener, Curtin University of Technology
Presenters: Jane Clarke, Edge Hill University
More and more non-US institutions are opening offices in the US leading many to ask, why the US office? This will be a panel discussion exploring the purpose and benefits of these offices to Non-US institutions as well as to US institutions. The panel will include US representatives for Non-US institutions as well as US institution staff who work with these offices.

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Consular Affairs Update

Session Chair and Presenter: Dotty Horton, University of North Texas
Presenters: David Ware, David Ware & Associates, LLP; Avi Friedman, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group; Rebecca Pasini, U.S. Embassy, Mexico City
Current information on obtaining U.S. visas, with an emphasis on the U.S. consulates in Mexico and Canada.

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Working in the U.S. and Pathways to Legal Permanent Residency

Session Chair and Presenter: Daniel P. McCarthy, The Gardner Law Firm
Presenter: Elaine Kimbrell, David Ware & Associates
This session will cover the different pathways for foreigners to work in the United States and become Legal Permanent Residents. The session will cover both immigrant and nonimmigrant visa categories.

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Re-defining International Student Recruiting

Session Chair and Presenter: Dr. Lokesh Shivakumaraiah, Mississippi State University
This presentation encompasses innovative ways of recruiting well qualified international students without making a huge dent in the budget. The well thought out creative recruiting strategies has the potential of bringing multi-fold increase in the international prospective students. This workshop discusses in depth about each stage of international recruiting: generating leads, developing international student and parent friendly policies and procedures, international marketing, converting prospects to enrolls.

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"Face" Time: A look at Electronic Communication Usage Abroad

Session Chair and Presenter: William "Bill" Clabby, International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Presenters: John Colhouer, ISA; Daniel Pinto, Rice University; Kelsi Cavasos, University of Texas at Arlington
Students are spending increasing amounts of time using electronic forms of communication through social networking sites, email and other media. The effect of this communication on study abroad is widely debated with ramifications for universities, study abroad program providers, students and society as a whole. International Studies Abroad (I.S.A.) recently conducted research on students' communication habits while abroad. This session will provide initial feedback and data as evaluated in various ISA locations and program types. In addition, it will offer perspectives from the study abroad offices of the University of Texas at Arlington and Rice University.

IELTS: The Test that Puts People First

Session Chair and Presenter: Amy Carter, IELTS International
Recognized by thousands of U.S. institutions, IELTS is a valid, reliable and secure English language proficiency test. Examine the four test modules, watch samples of the face-to-face speaking test and receive recognition, candidature and test score information and materials.

PowerPoint Presentation

Study Abroad in State Department Warning Countries: Israel & Mexico, a Two-Year Study

Session Chair and Presenter: Lia Haisley, University of Texas at Austin
Presenters: Niamh Minion, The University of Texas at El Paso
State Department Travel Warnings pose a unique challenge for study abroad professionals. This session will explore the various access models in study abroad for student travel to countries on the State Department Travel Warning list, as well as varying approaches used to limit access on a student-by-student or country-by-country basis. The session will use as a model Israel and Mexico and will present two-year case studies from both a large and mid-sized public university.

Jazz up your Programming with an Online Orientation

Session Chair and Presenter: Samantha Clement, Texas A & M University
Presenters: Elizabeth McDaniel, Texas Tech University; Emily Yates, Texas A & M University; Bill Clabby, International Studies Abroad
Have you considered implementing an Online Orientation (O.O.) for your students? During this session, multiple experiences related to the creation and implementation of an O.O. for both students coming to the U.S. and students going abroad will be presented. Specifically, the following topics will be addressed from various perspectives: the rationale for developing an O.O., how to create an O.O., how an O.O. can and should change over time, the impact that implementation of an O.O. has on other office procedures and the perceived pros and cons of an O.O.

PowerPoint Presentation

SEVP Updates

Session Chair and Presenter: Adam Harold, University of North Texas
Presenters: TBA
Officials from SEVP will provide latest updates on Recertification.

Web 2.0 Tools- What's Dat? It's 'Spose to be the Big Easy Oak

Session Chair and Presenter: Anne Mahoney, Oklahoma State University
Presenters: Dr. Brecca Farr, Oklahoma State University
Web 2.0 tools can dramatically enhance the way we interact with students and the way we conduct our work life. The big secret that these tools unlock is how we can open community doors and circulate conversations that allow larger and larger circles of people to participate in. So, why are so many of us hesitant to use these tools? One key is to define your intended audience and related expectations, then learn about specifics tools that can enhance your student's study abroad experience, your office efficiency and how you can survive the consequences of becoming high tech.

How Do You Make a Difference: Advocate

Session Chair and Presenter: Sunny Garner, Oklahoma City Community College
How do you advance people who do not have the right to vote, who cannot work off campus without approval, who cannot apply for financial aid, who have high tuition costs and living expenses, whose home, friends and family are far away, all while trying to navigate in an unfamiliar culture in which the primary language is not your own? Advocate for them! This is an opportunity to see the difference you can make by advocating for your nonimmigrant students and scholars, study abroad programs and international education. We will cover how to get involved, why advocacy is important and how to make a real world difference. Even if your state has a Resolution supporting advocacy it is only the beginning because Advocacy is an ongoing process that only continues to grow.

What Are They Looking For? Career Tips for New and Experienced International Education Professionals

Session Chair and Presenter: Todd Karr, Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies
Presenters: Cory Owen, Rice University; Bridget Canty, Houston Community College; Kim Diehl, University of Texas at San Antonio
As a follow-up to the 2009 Region III presentation, this presentation will focus on how to enter the field of International Education. From narrowing down one's interests within the field to interviewing and networking techniques, professionals from ISS, EA, Admissions, a Third-party Provider and University Recruiting will offer their insights and experiences to newcomers, as well as seasoned professionals. This session provides good information not only to those wanting to jump-start their careers in International Education, but also to those already in the field who need to know what to look for in potential candidates.

E -Marketing and E-Recruiting: Innovate or Risk Being Left Out

Session Chair and Presenter: Dr. Lokesh Shivakumaraiah, Mississippi State University
This presentation describes cutting edge e-marketing and e-recruiting tools and strategies that can be used to take institutions virtually to the door steps of prospective international students and their parents to increase the interaction and visibility for international student recruiting.

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Thursday, October 28

Creating the Quick & Dirty SOP "What you want? How I'm gonna' do that?"

Session Chair and Presenter: Amy Connolly, Texas A & M University
This session will explain the advantage of maintaining a simple Standard Operating Procedure for everyone on campus (Students, International Student Advisors, Faculty and Administrators). It will include instruction about creating easy to read documents for international advisors or administrative assistants to use in advising students. It will define which documents and what general Q&A should be listed in such a document. Those in one-person offices often have multiple tasks in addition to their International Student Advisor responsibilities. This session will be beneficial to all because it will allow a template to create a compendium of process-oriented quick reference guides.

PowerPoint Presentation

Ova by d'Department o' Labuh Nems: Special Handlin's uh Mess

Session Chair and Presenter: David Ware, David Ware and Associates, LLC
Presenters: Mario Rojo del Busto, Texas A & M University; Loveness Schafer, Louisiana State University
Translation: The Department of Labor, having ignored the special handling labor certification for college and university teachers for almost 30 years, is now giving these cases "special" handling, "fo' sho!". Learn about the new risks and rules in this area, how you can avoid DOL's MSU's, and get approvals in eight days!

PowerPoint Presentation

The Big Easy Way to Develop Student Leaders

Session Chair and Presenter: Kristy Magner, Loyola University New Orleans
Presenters: Meghan Merchant, University of North Texas; Daniel Pinto, Rice University; Jeff Simpson, Oklahoma State University
This panel session will address strategies for successfully recruiting, motivating and developing student leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Panelists will share success stories, challenges and advice for working with international student clubs, peer advisor programs, buddy programs, and more! Come on down to find out how to make similar initiatives in your own parish.

On-Going Orientation Efforts and Crisis Management

Session Chair and Presenter: Rebecca Guler, ELS Language Centers- Ruston
Presenters: Jenifer Brumfield, ELS Language Centers - Chicago; Fawziya Alsarraj, University of St. Thomas; Mathelda Molinda, ELS Language Centers - Houston
Three panelists describe efforts in IEP and University International Student Offices to educate and acclimate international students to living and studying in the US.

Education Abroad Hot Topics: Visa Updates for France, Italy, Spain and UK

Session Chair and Presenter: Lynn Elliott, Brigham Young University
Do you advise students needing a visa for their study abroad program? This session will begin by exploring best practices for education abroad offices. Additionally, we will share up-to-the-minute information for France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

PowerPoint Presentation

Health Care Students: The Prescription for Successful Advising

Session Chair and Presenter: Harlan Smith, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Medicine
This session is geared toward advisors in the community colleges, and universities advising students in nursing, medical technology, physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology programs. Advisors will gain information on the unique and frequently overlooked VisaScreen and other certifications that their graduates must have to be eligible for post-OPT employment in the US.

PowerPoint Presentation

Updates to Education In Eastern Europe

Session Chair and Presenter: Shelby L. Cearley, Texas Tech University
Presenters: Anita Crockett, University of Texas at Tyler; Jurate Muriniene, EducationUSA Adviser, Lithuania
This session aims to provide updates on the education systems of three Eastern European countries: Lithuania, Hungary and Poland. Discussion topics will include recent updates, accreditation/recognition, and placement advice. Sample credentials will also be provided

International Education & Economic Development

Session Chair and Presenter: Takeo Suzuki, University of Arkansas -Fort Smith
Presenters: Brock Holland, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith; Simon Smith, ELS-Fort Smith
We believe the keys to Interlocking International Education and Economic Development are: (1) listening to our stakeholders, (2) responding to local and state needs, (3) demonstrating a willingness to change, (4) finding opportunity, and (5) leveraging partnerships. These five steps were introduced, implemented, amended, and developed during the recruiting process. We will share our projects and plans with our audience.

The Who, What, and How of the Visa Application Process

Session Chair and Presenter: Krista Tacey, Texas A & M University
Previously presented at the Texas State conference, this session will provide participants with a better understanding of the experience that students and scholars go through during the visa acquisition process. We will explore basic information advisors need to know about their students' experience, including what documents they need to present and what to expect from the Consular Officer during the interview. In addition, we will review 214(b) and what it is, as well as discuss 221(g) and what it signifies. The session will culminate with visa acquisition role plays simulating a visa interview at a U.S. Consulate.

PowerPoint Presentation

Visa Process Flow Chart

Introduction to NAFSA's Statement of General Ethical Principles

Session Chair and Presenter: Anita Gaines, University of Houston
Presenter: Audra Johnston, University of Arkansas
This interactive session which is sponsored by the Ethics program, under the Membership Committee of NAFSA provides an overview of NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Principles. There will be opportunities for small group discussions dealing with ethical dilemmas faced by international educators utilizing resource information and case studies.

PowerPoint Presentation

Ethics Case Studies

NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Principles(website)

Of Course It's Worth It! Analyzing the Big Challenges Pelican I and Great Opportunities of the J Exchange Visitor Program

Session Chair and Presenter: Bridget Canty, Houston Community College
Presenters: Adria Baker, Rice University; Bob Crosier, Texas Tech University; Dan Ericson, Louisiana Tech University
This session is intended for international educators who not only have a J Exchange Visitor (EV) program, but are also considering to apply for one for their institution. The presenters will discuss the many complex responsibilities that are entailed by running a J program, but also how the flexibility of the program encourages and enhances a large array of excellent international education opportunities.

PowerPoint Presentation

RAP Determining Transfer Credit

Session Chair and Presenter: Barbara Glave, SpanTran Educational Services, Inc.
NAFSA National, in its Foundations of International Education: Foreign Educational Credentials Analysis, identifies four main groupings of subjects listed on academic records. This session introduces the four, which are based on credits, clock hours, marks, and outcomes; samples are provided for each type. This session is directed toward those who are relatively new to credentialing

Getting Involved in NAFSA: A Great Opportunity

Session Chair and Presenter: Mark Powell, University of Texas at Austin
Presenters: Glenn Freeman, University of Central Oklahoma; Olga Grieco, University of North Texas International; Claudia Graves, Southern Methodist University
NAFSA's Leadership Development Committee encourages all NAFSAn's to participate in the wonderful leadership opportunities available through the organization. This presentation will demonstrate how NAFSA members' leadership experiences in the organization have helped them personally and professionally.

PowerPoint Presentation

Volunteer Position Application Form

NAFSA Leadership Brochure

Current NAFSA Volunteer Leadership Positions(website)

Current Work Site Enforcement

Session Chair and Presenter: Daniel P. McCarthy, The Gardner Law Firm
Presenters: Rick Gump, The Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr. P.C
The session will cover the what's the current status of Work site Enforcement by ICE. It will cover basic I-9 compliance and the I-9 audit process after receiving a ICE subpoena.

PowerPoint Presentation

Coping with a Student Death

Session Chair and Presenter: Samantha Clement, Texas A & M University
Presenters: Emily Yates, Texas A & M University
Would you know what to do if you had to handle the aftermath of a student suicide? During this session, the presenters will draw from their personal experiences dealing with student suicide to provide you with information about steps to take, people to contact, things to consider, questions to ask, and more. Our lessons learned will be shared so that you are well-equipped to manage in the event that this takes place at your institution.

PowerPoint Presentation

Consular Notification and Access Manual (Department of State)

Emergency Response Intake Form

Emergency Information

Presentation Handout-My Action Plan

Handout-Additional Details

Presentation Tactics for Today's Study Abroad Advisor

Session Chair and Presenter: Liz Dunn, Louisiana State University
Presenters: Beau Thurman, Advantage Pay
The recession is forcing us to view study abroad services through a business lens --students as potential clients, academic programs as products. By using sales skills taken from the corporate world, we can boost enrollment by streamlining communication with students. This workshop merges best practices from the business and academic worlds and applies them to varying presentations, from one-on-one advising to large audiences of parents and students. Using academic experiences and business analogies, we identify consumer characteristics in students, effective presentation verbiage, and successful product explanations to help you effectively recruit students for your institution's study abroad programs.

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