The following is a list of workshops that will be offered at the Region VIII conference in Alexandria, VA.

All Tuesday session fees are:
Members: $275
Non-Members: $450

J-1 Advising: Intermediate

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov 10 [8:00 AM - 6:00 PM]

  • Audience: Participants should have working knowledge and understanding of immigration and J visa regulations

  • Description: This workshop will provide J-1 advisers at the intermediate level with a conceptual foundation, practical knowledge, and skills for advising exchange visitors. Topics include:
    • The unique character of the Exchange Visitor Program and how to maintain a healthy J-1 Program at your institution
    • The roles and responsibilities of the Responsible Officer/Alternate Responsible Officer at the intermediate level
    • The use of resources in problem solving and developing institutional policy
    • Assessing and applying policy, procedure, and practice
      Note: This workshop specifically addresses such topics as eligibility, the bars, pre-arrival and orientation, 212e, and employment, focusing on the most commonly used J categories in higher education. Participants will also engage with issues around transitions and working with dependents and problem solve around grey areas. Participants should have working knowledge and understanding of immigration and J-1 visa regulations and procedures. This workshop will not include basic procedural training, the trainee category, or foreign medical graduates.
  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Build a conceptual foundation and practical knowledge for J-1 advising
    • Develop critical analytical skills for resolving common J-1 Exchange Visitor dilemmas
    • Balance and manage the interests of key constituencies
    • Establish solid professional networks in the J-1 visa community

F-1 Student Advising for Beginners

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov 10 [8:00 AM - 6:00 PM]

  • Audience: F-1 student advisers with less than one year experience; others who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of the DSO role

  • Description: This introductory workshop provides participants with hands-on opportunities to learn how to handle the most common requests made of new Designated School Officials (DSO). Participants will develop skills to help them interpret the common requests F-1 students have during the course of their program, research the regulations and other resources that help inform and define the work of the DSO, and determine the best course of action in each case. The workshop will apply these skills to requests such as: issuing I-20s, maintaining status, employment, practical training, travel and reentry, and program extensions. SEVIS is discussed in relation to international student advising practices and procedures.

  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Interpret student requests and accurately advise them on how to maintain their F-1 status
    • Make informed decisions using a process that will incorporate the myriad influences affecting the decision
    • Comply with legal and institutional reporting requirements
    • Educate key parties on important matters involving international students

F-1 Student Advising: Intermediate

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov 10 [8:00 AM - 6:00 PM]

  • Audience: Designated School Officials with at least 15 months experience, who have participated in the F-1 Student Advising for Beginners workshop, or have received training equivalent to the F-1 Student Advising for Beginners workshop.

  • Description: This intermediate level workshop is designed for Designated School Officials who understand the processes of F-1 student advising and are ready to tackle some of the more complex, or "gray", situations. Participants will discuss a range of case studies on the topics of DSO Responsibilities, Maintenance of Status, Travel, Transfers, Employment, Change of Status, and Reinstatement. By addressing these case studies, participants will learn how to advise students when regulations and guidance do not give a clear answer to their situation.

  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Be a self-sufficient adviser by knowing your resources
    • Develop interpretations of F-1 regulations and guidance
    • Interpret and develop institutional policy
    • Learn techniques to advise F-1 students on situations where clear guidance is not available

Expanding Roles of the Education Abroad Advisers

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov 10 [8:00 AM - 6:00 PM]

  • Audience: This workshop is an introductory workshop for education abroad advisers, study abroad providers, or others, who have been in the field for fewer than three years or who have recently taken on additional responsibilities.

  • Description: Consider how "advising" has come to represent a specific role within education abroad programming. However, closer inspection reveals a role that is much more dynamic and demanding than it first seems. Changing needs of education abroad students throughout their program cycle demand that advisers apply different strategies to advise students effectively. In this workshop, examine six critical roles comprising the adviser's day to day work and improve your strategies and effectiveness as you move from role to role.

  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Adapt your advising strategy to meet the programmatic needs of your education abroad students through all stages of their programs.
    • Gain advising strategies to improve your skills in six advising roles: promoter, guide, manager, ambassador, educator, and responder.
    • Work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively to support education abroad student needs within your institution and the program destination.

Campus and Community Programming

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov 10 [8:00 AM - 6:00 PM]

  • Audience: Experienced professionals in the field of international education with a focus on campus and community programming initiatives. Also relevant for Exchange Visitor Program sponsors required to fulfill the cultural component of the Exchange Visitor Program.

  • Description: Enhance your campus and community programming efforts by incorporating theory-based practices, tried and true templates and resources, marketing, and strategies for working with volunteers.

  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Plan, organize, and implement campus and community programs
    • Learn about theories that apply to campus and community programs
    • Use strategies to manage your volunteer base
    • Expand your programming knowledge base and access to tools to help with programming

Basic Immigration Concepts for Professionals Outside of International Student Advising

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, Nov 11 [8:00 AM - 12:00 PM]

  • Fee: Members: $200; Non-members: $375
  • Audience: Professionals outside international student advising with 0-3 years of experience with the topic
  • Description: This workshop provides basic knowledge in immigration laws, SEVIS, the visa process and other related topic for individuals from universities, colleges, and Intensive English Programs (IEPs), as well as advisers outside the U.S. The marketing plan is used as an overall device to unify the day and provide a structure within which to place recruiting topics and tools. Topics covered include:
    • Visa types
    • Applying for a visa
    • Issuing an I-20 or DS-2019
    • Reviewing financial documents
    • SEVIS fee
    • SEVIS
    • International student employment
  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Identify various visa types most seen on U.S. campuses
    • Explain how nonimmigrant students obtain a U.S. immigration status
    • Describe key issues in relation to maintaining nonimmigrant status in the U.S.
    • Relate basic immigration concepts to own professional responsibilities

Port of Entry Tour: Baltimore Washington Airport

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015; [8:00 AM - 1:00 PM]

  • Fee: $75 (no membership needed)  Transportation is included

  • Description: This is a unique opportunity to participate in a tour of the largest of the area’s three major airports. Participants will have the opportunity to tour primary and secondary inspection sites, led by a local CBP officer, experiencing the typical procedures international visitors encounter when they arrive in the U.S. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of CBP representatives during the tour.

Breaking into the Field of International Education

  • Date/Time: Wednesday, November 11, [8:00 AM - 12:00 PM] 

  • Fee: $50.00 member,  $50.00 nonmember
  • Audience: This workshop is especially geared toward students in fields related to international education and/or professionals with less than one year in the field.
  • Description: The field of international education encompasses a wide variety of areas, organizations, and individuals. Join us for a half-day workshop that focuses on articulating personal and professional international experience, and identifying resources to help you increase your knowledge of international education. Hear from seasoned professionals in the field and add your voice to the discussion.
  • Workshop Objectives: Following this workshop, participants will be able to…
    • Identify the various constituents and organizations related to international education
    • Articulate your personal experiences and education to market themselves to a future employer
    • Begin establishing solid professional networks in the international education community
    • Expand your knowledge of rewards and challenges in the field of international education