If you cannot resolve a student or non-premium scholar issue using the Service Center email address, or the case involves another government agency, you can submit the case to your NAFSA regulatory ombudsperson online at NAFSA's IssueNet thru Get Liaison Help. To submit a case...

  • Login to NAFSA IssueNet. (If you are not a NAFSA member, you can simply create a login at www.nafsa.org/createlogin 
  • Click on "Get Liaison Help"
  • Complete the "Contact Report Information" to submit a new case, and click "Submit Case"
  • The information will be sent to the Regulatory Ombudsperson for action on the case. You will be able to check the progress of your submitted cases online under the "My Active Case Submissions".
  • You will receive an email reminder from IssueNet when the Regulatory Ombudsperson submits a Case Note or Update on your case, you can then login to "Get Liaison Help" and click on your case to see the Status, Case Note, or Update on the case. Respond to the regulatory ombudsperson, if needed, by submitting a new Case Note on your case while logged in to your case on IssueNet.
  • When you send an update on the case, the Regulatory Ombudsperson will be emailed a notification that the case has been updated. The Regulatory Ombudsperson will log into IssueNet to view your updates.
  • A Case may be marked as "Resolved" when the Regulatory Ombudsperson has done all available action on a particular case, even when the application or request has not been approved by the government agency. A case can always be re-opened by the submitter if additional follow-up is necessary.
  • The Regulatory Ombudsperson will email or call the DSO/RO submitting the case as needed. The case and follow-up questions should not be emailed separately to the Regulatory Ombudsperson, as working through IssueNet allows the case information to be tracked and used for additional advocacy by NAFSA.