Term: 3 years

Appointment: By chair stream

Qualifications: NAFSA member working in education.

General responsibilities include:

  • Serve as an active voting member of the regional team.
  • To record and maintain the official record of actions and decisions of the Region XI Team.
  • As a voting member of the Team, attends all Region XI Team Meetings.
  • Prepares minutes of the various meetings.
  • Circulates the unapproved minutes via email to the entire Team no more than one month after each Team Meeting, to allow all team members to comment. Once comments have been received, submits minutes to the Team. Minutes are generally approved formally at the following Team Meeting.
  • Maintains an official set of the minutes and other documents circulated at Team Meetings.
  • Provides reference to the minutes when requested by the Team.
  • Attend and participate in the following events:

    • the Annual NAFSA National Conference

      • team meeting
      • region meeting
      • regional state rep meeting
    • the Region XI Annual Conference (organize State basket)
    • Region XI Leadership Team meetings