Before submitting a student case to NAFSA's IssueNet, be sure to follow the protocol below:

Step 1: Exhaust All Normal Resolution Channels  

This includes:

  • Visiting the USCIS website and checking the "Case Status Online" and "Case Processing Table" for cases at USCIS Service Centers (SC)  
  • Checking processing times and specific case status of J Waivers at U.S. Department of State 

Step 2: Submit an Inquiry to USCIS via Email IF...

Your "Case Status Online" still says pending, and the application "Receipt Date" is at least 30 days beyond the processing date shown for that application at the SC.

USCIS email information:

  • Vermont SC (student-related cases only):[email protected]; note: for scholar related cases, advisors cannot use the VSC Schools email address any longer. Advisors instead must call the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) phone line: 1-800-375-5253
  • California SC (student-related cases only):  
  • Nebraska SC: Email:[email protected], Fax: (402) 219-6353
  • Texas SC:[email protected], Fax: (214) 962-1450

Step 3: Request Assistance thru Get Liaison Help 

If you cannot resolve a student issue using the Service Center email address, or the case involves another government agency, you can submit the case to your NAFSA Regulatory Ombudsperson online at NAFSA's IssueNet thru Get Liaison Help.

View instructions on using "Get Liaison Help."