Term: 3 years

Appointment: By Chair-stream

Qualifications: NAFSA member working in Region XI; previous experience in managing sizable budgets; familiarity with Quickbooks (preferred); demonstrated commitment to the field of international educational exchange; working knowledge of NAFSA as an organization, especially in Region XI; support of home institution is required.


  • Serve as an active voting member of the regional team 
  • Attend and participate in the following events:
    • Washington Leadership Meeting (January, in Washington, D.C.)
    • Regional winter team meeting (in February, usually at Whispering Pines Conference Center in Rhode Island)
    • Regional spring/summer team meeting (spring/summer at the location of fall regional conference)
    • Region XI fall conference (pending home institution funding)
  • Maintain financial records of the region
  • Manage cash flow (i.e. pay all bills in timely manner, issue reimbursements once approved by Chair-stream, collect funds/make deposits)
  • Work closely with Chair-stream to manage the assets of the region, including checking and investment accounts in accordance with regional Operating Procedures and national Standing Rules
  • Advise on fiscal issues for conferences, events, and regional business
  • Develop and monitor a plan for regional sustainable fiscal health
  • Ensure that regional fundraising conforms to the NAFSA Guidelines for Fundraising
  • Prepare an annual budget and present it to the regional team for approval at the winter team meeting 
  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial reports to the Chair-stream and team as specified in the regional Operating Procedures
  • Submit annual financial reports, including an annual audit to NAFSA in compliance with national office requirements
  • Provide financial updates to regional membership at Annual and Regional Conference updates
  • Serve as a mentor to sucessor
  • Handle transition of signatory powers at the start of each calendar year