$500 grant or $500 loan funding available

Mini-Grant/Mini-Loan Application

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The Region XII Mini-Grant and Mini-Loan Program has been created with the purpose of advancing international education and the professional development of international educators in the region. Region XII members may make use of these funds to attempt innovative educational projects for educators, campuses, communities, or the region at large. The program may also be used to respond to crisis or emergency situations. Project proposals may relate to NAFSA knowledge communities, SIGs, MIGs, districts, or other interest groups. Creativity is encouraged.

Mini-grants or loans may be applied for individually or together, and may be used for one-time events or activities, or be used as "seed money" to start a program that may become ongoing. Mini-grants/loans may also be used to produce materials or resources that will be of use to the general regional membership.

Who May Apply?

Mini-grant/loan applicants must be current Region XII members of NAFSA.

Mini-grant/loan applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Awards will be made as long as funds are available according to the Region XII annual budget based on a fiscal year of January 1 to December 31.

What Is A Mini-Grant?

Mini-grants of up to $500 may be awarded to attempt innovative educational projects for educators, campuses, communities, or the region at large. Projects may be workshops, materials creation, special events, trainings, and other innovative and creative projects that advance international education and/or the professional development of international educators in Region XII. Mini-grants require cost-sharing by the project sponsor and cannot be used for entertainment or food and beverage expenses. The mini-grant program is not a travel grant program.

What Is a Mini-Loan?

Mini-loans of up to $500 may be used for the same types of projects and purposes as mini-grants, but do not have the cost-sharing requirements or other restrictions of the mini-grants. Generally, mini-loans will be most useful for projects that need "seed money" to get started, and then will be able to continue on their own. Mini-loan projects must produce income or have some other financial resource that can be used to repay the loan, e.g., a workshop that will charge a registration fee to repay the loan.

Mini-Grant/Mini-Loan Projects as Resources

The intention of the Mini-Grant and Mini-Loan Program is to make information about past projects available to the membership so that others may replicate or build upon the work that others have done before them. Watch this Web page in the future for postings of approved Mini-Grant/Loan projects.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Download and read the Mini-Grant/Mini-Loan Guidelines and Instructions.
  2. Download the Mini-Grant/Mini-Loan Application (43kb Icon DOC 16).
  3. Applications may be made for a Mini-Grant or a Mini-Loan. Only one (not of each) will be funded each year.
  4. Submit the Mini-Grant/Mini-Loan Application to the regional past-chair. A reply will be made within two to four weeks. In cases of urgency, a quicker turnaround time may be possible.
  5. A project evaluation and report must be submitted to the Mini-Grant Committee within 30 days of the Project End Date as stated on the Mini-Grant Application.


If you have questions about the Region XII Mini-Grant and Mini-Loan Program, or need assistance with your Mini-Grant application, contact the Region XII Past-Chair.