The NAFSA Core Education Program (CEP) e-Learning deans are responsible for recruiting, assigning, and training e-Learning course cohort leaders throughout the year and serving as a liaison between cohort leaders and NAFSA Professional Learning Services staff. CEP e-Learning deans develop and maintain training materials and resources to strengthen the cohort experiences for e-Learning course participants.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with the annual calendar of NAFSA CEP e-Learning course offerings
  • Serve as a cohort leader for a minimum of one e-Learning course offering within dean term
  • Recruit cohort leaders in a timely fashion for each of the scheduled e-Learning course offerings (Cohort leaders should come from NAFSA’s Trainer Corps)
  • Train cohort leaders prior to the start of course and provide guidance, materials, and support to cohort leader throughout the duration of the course
  • Develop and maintain training materials for cohort leaders
  • Solicit feedback from cohort leaders to develop and strengthen experience and learning outcomes for cohort leaders and e-Learning participants
  • Participate in a virtual orientation and regular conference calls/(virtual) meetings with NAFSA Professional Learning Services staff as necessary
  • Promote the value of Trainer Corps and NAFSA’s Core Education Program

Time commitment

CEP e-Learning deans are expected to plan ahead and review the annual calendar of e-Learning course offerings. Deans will spend time throughout the year recruiting and training Trainer Corps members to serve as cohort leaders and providing support as needed for each cohort leader. Deans are expected to serve as a cohort leader for at least one e-Learning course during their term as dean.

Terms of Service

Deans will serve a term of one year, extendable for a maximum of one additional year by invitation of Trainer Corps leadership. Terms will begin in January and will end in December. Orientation for new e-Learning deans may take place in November or December, prior to the start of the dean’s term, if necessary.


  • Share your content expertise.
  • Contribute to the field of international education by ensuring positive learning experience for course participants.
  • Gain transferrable professional development and leadership experience.
  • Trainer Corps membership automatically extended through term of e-Learning dean service.


NAFSA Professional Learning Services (PLS) Staff support e-Learning deans through virtual trainings and regular communication.


  • Current Trainer Corps member
  • High proficiency in content area of e-Learning course
  • Willingness to support, guide, and mentor other Trainer Corps members as necessary

Selection Process

The Trainer Corps chair appoints a dean for each e-Learning course. Applications are currently being accepted. Please apply by November 1, 2018 for best consideration. Prospective deans will be asked to submit statement of interest to [email protected].

Current Open CEP e-Learning Course Dean Positions

  • Introduction to F-1 Student Advising
  • Beyond the Basics of F-1 Student Advising
  • J-1 Advising: Getting Started
  • Education Abroad Advising