Trainer Corps is made up of approximately 300 volunteer trainers. Individual Trainer Corps members stay involved by serving in a variety of roles including workshop trainers, deans, lead trainers, and curriculum design team members to support and promote NAFSA's Core Education Program (CEP).

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Train at least one NAFSA CEP workshop within a three year term and/or be active in one or more Trainer Corps involvement activities.
  • When part of a CEP training team:
    • Participate in pre-workshop planning sessions via conference calls/virtual meetings, e-mail, and at the workshop location to ensure workshop effectiveness.
    • Serve as an active member of the team.
    • Participate in workshop delivery.
    • Participate in debrief session with Lead Trainer and other trainers on team.
    • Provide feedback to lead trainer, workshop deans and NAFSA staff on any needed updates to CEP curriculum materials.
  • Use CEP materials only at NAFSA approved training events.
  • Participate in the Trainer Corps Induction workshop upon acceptance and the Trainer Corps Enrichment workshop one time during any subsequent three year Trainer Corps term.
  • Promote and represent NAFSA's Core Education Program and Trainer Corps in a variety of contexts.

Applications are are now closed and will open again by September 2019.