What is the timeline for elected positions?


NAFSA opens the applications/nomination form


NAFSA closes the application process

April – May

Leadership Development Committee and the Board 's Governance Committee hold interviews with candidates. Candidates not selected for a final interview will be informed by May 15.

Early June

The Governance Committee proposes a slate of board members and vice presidents to the Board of Directors, Leadership Development Committee propose their candidates as a slate of to the Vice President for Professional Development & Engagement for recommendation to the Board of Directors for acceptance in its entirety.

Late June

NAFSA Board reviews candidate slate.


NAFSA Board confirms candidates. Photos and biography information is collected from each candidate.


Board Secretary announces the election slate to the Membership. Election opens.


Election closes, Board President or Secretary issues notice of election results by end of September.


Elected position terms begin.


What is the Elected Position Process?

The NAFSA Standing Rules stipulate that the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) will issue the call for all nominations, both for board members, officers and member-leader positions (knowledge community positions and chairs of Membership and Leadership Development Committees). The Governance Committee of the Board will decide the slate of the Board members and officers, while the LDC will develop and present the slate of the member-leader nominees. The Vice President for Professional Development & Engagement presents the slate for the next chairs of committees/KCs to the Board, while the Governance Committee presents the slate for officers and board members. Upon the Board's acceptance of both slates, the secretary announces the full slate to the membership and oversees the election. This is a confidential process; candidates are asked not to discuss their nominations or the process with anyone but a supervisor.

If I Am Not Selected for the Slate, What Are Other Opportunities to Serve as a NAFSA Member-leader?

There are many opportunities to volunteer with NAFSA. Appointed positions are generally posted in July; other position may be posted as vacancies occur throughout the year.

Leadership Opportunities

What is the Appointed Position Process?

Appointed positions are advertised in the early summer (July) of each year.

  • Once the deadline to apply closes, the chair of the committee will review applications, contact candidates about their application (as needed), and answer specific questions about the position.
  • Appointments are typically announced in September/October, and the newly appointed leader begins serving in January of the following year.
  • Regional positions are typically announced during the summer in addition to year-round. Each NAFSA region specifies their process for appointment or election.