Hundreds of NAFSA members volunteer to serve the association to create and disseminate knowledge, to influence public policy, and to maintain a strong organization. Below, you'll find a full listing of volunteer leadership opportunities available at NAFSA.

Management & Leadership

  • Annual Conference Committee*
  • Leadership Development Committee*
  • Membership Engagement Committee*
  • Regional Affairs Committee*
  • Regional Executive Team
  • Regional Team*
  • State/District Team*
  • Task Force Member
  • Speaker or Moderator
  • Reviewer for Academy and Diversity Impact Program applications

Professional Interest

  • Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC)*
  • Knowledge Community for International Student and Scholar Services (KC ISSS)*
  • International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community (IEM KC)*
  • International Education Leadership Knowledge Community (IEL KC)*
  • Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC)*
  • Education Abroad Regulatory Practice Committee (EA RP)*
  • International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice Committee (ISS RP)*
  • Member Interest Group Leader
  • Write for a NAFSA Publication, Network, or Blog

Advocacy & Policy

  • Attend Advocacy Day in Washington, DC
  • Sign Up for Action Alerts
  • Participate in Taking Action
  • Grassroots Leadership Program
  • Connecting Our World

Training and Education

  • Annual Conference Volunteer
  • Collegial Conversation Presenter
  • Core Education Workshop Trainer (Trainer Corps)
  • Presenter for an e-Learning Express, e-Learning Course or e-Learning Seminar
  • Regional or Annual Conference Poster Presenter
  • Regional or Annual Conference Session Presenter
  • Regional or Annual Conference Session or Poster Fair Proposal Reviewer

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Academy Coach
  • Academy Chair Stream
  • Annual Conference Student-Mentor Program
  • EA Connector Program
  • IEM KC Buddy Program
  • KC ISSS Buddy Program
  • Diversity Impact Program Mentor
  • Global Dialogue Fellowship Dialogue Partner
  • Regional Chair Cohort Coach
  • Regional Chair-elect Cohort Coach
  • Regional Conference Planner Cohort Coach
  • Regional Treasurer Cohort Coach

Guidance and Strategy

  • NAFSA President and Chair of the Board
  • NAFSA Vice President for Public Policy and Practice
  • NAFSA Vice President for Scholarship and Institutional Strategy
  • NAFSA Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement
  • NAFSA Board Secretary
  • NAFSA Board Member-at-Large

*Multiple positions exist such as Chair, chair-elect/designate, coordinator, subcomittee chair, subcommittee member, taskforce chair, taskforce member, etc.

Apply Now

NAFSA offers volunteer leadership opportunities to members that will develop a variety of skills and promote professional connections. Opportunities are available across many areas of expertise, with varying levels of involvement and time commitment. Please fill out the application below to be considered for these NAFSA volunteer leader positions.