The 2015 Washington Leadership Meeting Welcome Webinar is a 25-minute recorded presentation that covers a logistical and general overview of the objectives and agenda of the meeting. It is intentionally designed for new leaders though the content may be useful to experienced, returning leaders as well. Please take some time to listen to this view this webinar and complete the Leadership Skills Self-Assessment.

Any questions or comments may be submitted on the discussion forum at the bottom of the page. NAFSA member leaders and staff will monitor the forum and respond in a timely manner.

Orientation webinar

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Leadership Skills Self-Assessment

Please complete this assessment by January 26th. Read and rate your ability to fufill each skill based on your current leadership role. Then at the end of the assessment, respond to the reflection questions.

This self-assessment is designed to help you and NAFSA accomplish three key objectives:

  • Anticipate leadership skills required by your leadership position
  • Identify skill areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Build meaningful leadership development

Before you submit your responses, print and retain a copy of your responses to bring to WLM. Your responses are anonymous. NAFSA will aggregate the responses to inform the New Leader Orientation and will develop future training leaders based on responses.

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