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1994 Articles

The University of Miami
Campus Profiles
P. 10
Miami-Dade Community College
Campus Profiles
P. 10
Florida International University
Campus Profiles
P. 10
Education in Miami: A Collage of the Peoples of the Americas
Arena Column, Community Colleges, Multiculturalism
Foote, Edward T., II
Kelly, J. Terence
Maidique, Modesto
P. 10
Out of the Cultural Revolution: Chinese Faculty Blossom in America
China, Faculty, International Scholars
Rubin, Kyna
P. 13
On the Market Road in Siberia: An American Business Professor Explores Russia's Northern Frontier
Business Education, Economic Development, Russia
Hunter, Jeffrey G.
P. 16
Lithuania: Enlightening the Masses, California Style
Economic Development, Former USSR, Lithuania
Roraback, Amanda
P. 18
Estonia: Overcoming "the Distrust Syndrome"
Economic Development, Education Abroad Advisers, Estonia, Former USSR
Pulver, Marvi
P. 19
U.S. Universities Are a Melting Pot for the World's Best Talent
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Competitiveness, Math and Science Education, United States
Cotten, Catheryn
P. 2
Absolute Truth, Radical Relativism, and the Euroversity: A European Perspective on Multiculturalism
Europe, Higher Education, Multiculturalism
Crawley, Francis P.
P. 22
Mauritius: A Taste of New England on an Immigrant Isle
Financial Aid, Globalization, Mauritius
Heym, Sally
P. 26
Internationalism and Diversity: Conflict or Complementarity? A University President Reflects
Diversity, Language, Multiculturalism, Voices of Exchange Column
Natalicio, Diana
P. 29
Another View on Bilingual Education: "We Must Have a Language in Common"
Language, Language
Kennedy, Steven B.
P. 31
Ranking German Educational Institutions: How Useful?
Gamerschlag, Kurt
P. 4
Facing the Somali Music
English as a Foreign Language, Somalia
King, Norma
P. 4
The Changing Picture of Financial Aid for International Students
Back Page Column, Financial Aid
Heany, Linda
P. 44
Intercultural Competence
P. 5
Teaching Japanese Popular Culture: Questions in Class Aren't Always Academic
Curriculum and Instruction, Japan, Japan
Ishikawa, Hiroyoshi
P. 6
Who Are the Skinheads?
Weaver, Bradden
P. 7
A Large House
P. 7
Buttoned Up
Immigration and Visas
P. 8