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1996 Articles

Technology Access and Use: Overseas Advisers Speak Up About What They Have and What They Need
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Overseas Education Advising, Overseas Education Advising, Technology
Ficzko, Ildiko
P. 11
Hitching a High-Speed Train: The Internet Is a Powerful Professional Vehicle for International Educators
Education Abroad Advisers, English as a Foreign Language, International Student Admissions, International Student and Scholar Advisers, International Student Recruitment, Technology, Technology
Bowerman, Mark
Rice, Craig
P. 14
Information Overload
Bowerman, Mark
P. 17
DIY (Do It Yourself): Getting Your Office on the Web
Technology, Technology
Badger, Ellen H.
P. 18
DIY (Do It Yourself): Managing an International Student Listserv
Technology, Technology
Lewandowski, Ken
P. 19
The Geographer
Arts Education
Vermeer, Johannes
P. 2
Transworld Express
Japan, Technology, Technology
Sumita, Hideko
P. 20
The European Frontier
Technology, Technology
Hopkins, John D.
P. 21
Partners in Diversity: Internationals Aren't Crowding Out U.S. Minorities
Diversity, Minorities, U.S., United States
Yopp, John
P. 22
Baptism by Immersion: A College President's Memoir of Study in Berlin
College and University Presidents, Education Abroad, Germany
House, David B.
P. 28
U.S.-Japan Themes and Variations
Japan, United States
Altbach, Philip G.
P. 3
Stanford University Medical School
Campus Profiles
P. 32
Across the Andes from Palo Alto: Stanford Medical School's Mobile Study Elective in Ecuador
Ecuador, Latin America, Medical Education
Zeigler, A. Lee
P. 32
Negotiating Overseas Teaching Jobs
Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty
George, Pamela
P. 4
The Trouble with Quality
Back Page Column, Language, Quality Issues
Woolf, Michael
P. 44
Fachhochschulen Have Arrived
Germany, Higher Education
Bedrosian, Alex
P. 5
A Teachable Commodity: English in Hanoi
English as a Foreign Language, Vietnam
Yablonka, Marc Phillip
P. 6
The Making of A Cyberjournalist
Estonia, Media, Technology
Perepyolkina, Milana
P. 8
Microsoft's Man in Moscow
Media, Russia, Technology, Voices of Exchange Column
Price, Tom
P. 8
Letter from Bishkek
Kyrgyzstan, Voices of Exchange Column
Ansari, Aimee
P. 12
East Asia's Education Boom: Brain Drain: The Sequel
Asia, Brain Drain/Gain, Higher Education, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Student Mobility, Taiwan
Rubin, Kyna
P. 16
Ripples in Malaysia
P. 21
Higher Education in China and Hong Kong: Conflict and Complementarity
China, Higher Education, Hong Kong
Lautz, Terrill E.
P. 22
Why Volunteer? Committed Citizens Are Changing the World
Mueller, Sherry Lee
Hawkins, Jennifer
P. 28
Lessons from the New Asia
Asia, Higher Education
Dunnett, Stephen C.
P. 3
Explaining Collegiate Athletics to International Students...and to Ourselves
Wuori, Gerald K.
P. 34
Graduate Programs in International Education
Careers in International Education, English as a Foreign Language, Graduate Education
O'Connor, Kerry
P. 4
Reform and Destruction at the Department of Labor
Back Page Column, Government Programs
Levey, Mark
P. 44
The Origin of the Junior Year Abroad
Education Abroad
McNabb, William
P. 6
Controlling J-1 Transfers
Immigration and Visas
Kennedy, Steven B.
P. 7
Legal Immigration Reform: Not a Left-Right Issue
Arena Column, Immigration and Visas, Public Policy
Anderson, Stuart
P. 8
The State of "Public Diplomacy"
Fulbright Program, Public Diplomacy
Duval, Jeanne-Marie
P. 13
The Future of the Fulbright Program: New Priorities, New Limits, New Partners
Fulbright Program, Private Sector, Public Diplomacy
Duffey, Joseph D.
P. 15
Fifty Years of the Fulbright Phenomenon: An Address to NAFSA's 48th Annual Conference
Fulbright Program, Greece, Japan, Norway, Public Diplomacy
Fulbright, Harriet Mayor
P. 20
Australia Takes Center Stage as Government Promotes Export of Education
Asia, Australia, Business
Rubin, Kyna
P. 26
Japan's Modest Acceleration of Foreign Student Recruitment
Internationalization, International Student Recruitment, Japan
P. 29
Luring Students to the United Kingdom
International Student Recruitment, United Kingdom
P. 30
A New World Order? America's Leading Intercultural Expert Views the Future
Bush, George H. W., Democracy, Human Rights, Intercultural Competence, Language, Technology, War
Kohls, L. Robert
P. 31
Globalization, Democracy, and National Sovereignty: Who Runs the Global Village?
Democracy, Globalization, Globalization
Saward, Michael
P. 34
In the Balance: How the United States Conducts Its Foreign Affairs
Public Diplomacy, United States
McCarry, Michael
P. 4
An Iconoclastic Look at Campus-Based Recruiting
Back Page Column, International Student and Scholar Advisers, International Student Recruitment
Devlin, Edward
P. 44
Russian Students in U.S. View July Presidential Election
Powers, Chris
P. 5
Accreditation of Institutions Outside the United States
P. 6
Brademas to Chair NAFSA Honorary Committee
NAFSA Golden Anniversary
P. 8
ASPIRE Expands Scope, Adds Services
Careers in International Education, Pacific Rim, Reentry Process
P. 8
Three Weeks in the New South Africa
Botswana, Education Abroad Advisers, South Africa, Voices of Exchange Column
Cohen, Marcy
P. 9
Educational Advising in Pakistan
Education Abroad Advisers, Pakistan, Voices of Exchange Column
Shaw, Elizabeth
P. 13
Reflecting America: Overseas Education Advising Centers Cope with Reduced Government Support
Funding, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Mexico, Overseas Education Advising, Private Sector, Technology, United Kingdom
Rubin, Kyna
P. 16
Some Fundraising Strategies
Brazil, France, Funding, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia
P. 24
The Wage and Employment Impact of Immigrant Scientists and Engineers in High Technology
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Engineering, Engineering Education, Global Workforce Development, Immigration and Visas, Math and Science Education, Research, Technology
Anderson, Stuart
P. 27
Reinvent, Don't Reduce, Overseas Educational Advising: The Educational Diplomat
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Overseas Education Advising, Overseas Education Advising, Private Sector, Public Policy
Deupree, John
P. 3
Foreign Ph.D.s: Who Stays and Why?
Degree Programs, Engineering Education, Immigration and Visas, Math and Science Education, Research, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Finn, Michael G.
Pennington, Leigh Ann
Anderson, Kathryn Hart
P. 33
Global Reach: A Vice Chancellor's Perspective on Distance Learning
Distance Teaching and Learning, Globalization
Daniel, John
P. 37
Overseas Advising Centers: The View From Out Here(1)
Overseas Education Advising
Levinson, Evelyn
P. 44
Overseas Advising Centers: The View from Out Here
Back Page Column, International Student and Scholar Advisers
Levinson, Evelyn
P. 44
The Community College: America's Secret Economic Development Weapon
Community Colleges, Economic Development
Falcetta, Frank
P. 5
Global Awareness in Community Colleges
Community Colleges
P. 6
E-Mail Schooling: A Solution for Educating Children During Academic Exchanges
George, Pamela
P. 7
The "Public Charge Exclusion" and Other Traps
Arena Column, Immigration and Visas
Levey, Mark
P. 9