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Fall 1999/Winter
Creating an International Education Policy
Advocacy, Internationalization, Public Policy, Strategic Planning, 1307 New York Avenue Column
Johnson, Marlene M.
P. 2
Foreign Language and Area Studies Through Title VI: Assessing Supply and Demand
Business, Curriculum and Instruction, Foreign Language, Government Acts, Professional Education, Public Diplomacy
Merkx, Gilbert W.
P. 23
Distance Learning and Structural Change in American Higher Education
Curriculum and Instruction, Distance Teaching and Learning, Higher Education, Technology
Shive, Glenn
P. 33
A Picture of Study Abroad
Education Abroad
P. 4
Higher Education Institutions as Government Agents
Back Page Column, Immigration and Visas, International Student (s)
P. 44
Some of China's Best Are Committing to America
Brain Drain/Gain, China, Language, Public Diplomacy, Student Mobility
Rubin, Kyna
P. 6
Foreign Students, Foreign Scientists, and National Security: An Uneasy Balance
China, International Scholars, Math and Science Education, Minorities, U.S., Research, Security and Safety Issues, Security and Safety Issues, International Student (s), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Cron, Ted
Harris, Suzanne
P. 16
Crossing the Atlantic to Learn: A Century of Swedish-American Exchange
Sweden, Voices of Exchange Column
Tranaeus, Niklas
P. 12
China's Open Door
Asia, China, Intercultural Competence, Language
Norris, Emily Mohajeri
P. 14
Chinese-U.S. Joint Programs
China, Language
P. 17
Benefits of Educational Exchange
China, Intercultural Competence, Language, Public Diplomacy
P. 18
From the American Century to the Education Century: The Internationalization of Higher Education as a Driving Force of the Next Millennium
Intercultural Competence, Internationalization, 1307 New York Avenue Column, Twenty-first Century
Goodman, Allan E.
P. 2
United, Yet Separate
China, Hong Kong, International Student Recruitment
P. 20
Doing Our Best: Sponsored Undergraduate Students and Success
Academic Performance, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Undergraduate Programs
Denny, Martha
P. 24
The International Office: Taking a Closer Look
Education Abroad Advisers, Funding, Internationalization, Research
Van de Water, Jack
P. 30
Credit for the Poor-But-Meritorious in Bangladesh: Grameen Bank's Innovative Higher Education Loan Program
Bangladesh, Financial Aid, Student Loans
Hopper, Richard
P. 34
The Role of International Education in World Peace
Back Page Column, Peace and Social Justice, Peace and Social Justice
de Assis, Sebastian
P. 44
Rebuilding a Civil Society in Cambodia: The Role of Education
Cambodia, Public Diplomacy, Voices of Exchange Column
Ashwill, Mark A.
P. 6
Exploring the Long-term Impact of Study Abroad: A Case Study of 50 Years of Study Abroad Alumni
Alumni, Education Abroad, Intercultural Competence, Language, Research
Akande, Yemi
Slawson, Carla
P. 12
Mental Health Issues of Students Who Cross Borders
Education Abroad, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Mental Health
Hannigan, Terence P.
P. 18
Expanding the Pie: Adaptation of Speech
Globalization, Immigration and Visas, Internationalization, Public Diplomacy, 1307 New York Avenue Column
Bach, Robert
P. 2
New Models of Learning
Back Page Column, Curriculum and Instruction
Lyon, Betsey
P. 32
Building Bridges: Developing Academic Relations with Cuban Institutions
Cuba, Program Development, Public Policy, University Partnerships
Robins, Nicholas
P. 6
African Diary
Africa, Intercultural Competence, Kenya, Voices of Exchange Column
Penhale, Sara J.
Winkler, Allan M.
P. 10
What's the Big Attraction?
Australia, Higher Education, Immigration and Visas, United States
Shinn, Chris
P. 14
U.S. International Education Week
Intercultural Competence, Language, 1307 New York Avenue Column, United States
Riley, Richard W.
Johnson, Marlene M.
P. 2
Betwixt and Between: Undocumented Aliens and Access to U.S. Higher Education
Financial Aid, Higher Education, Immigration and Visas, International Student and Scholar Advisers, International Student Employment, Public Policy, United States
Badger, Ellen H.
Ericksen, Bob
Yale-Loehr, Stephen
P. 22
From Bologna to Prague: Toward a Coherent European Higher Education Space
Europe, Higher Education
Haug, Guy
Tauch, Christian
P. 30
The Next Ten Years: Trends Affecting Study Abroad Participation for U.S. Students
Adult Learners, Community Service, Degree Programs, Disabilities, Students with, Education Abroad, Financial Aid, Global Workforce Development, International Student Employment, International Student Enrollments, Language, Student Characteristics, Technology, U.S. Students
Ludwig, Meredith
P. 34
Higher Education in Developing Countries
Back Page Column, Brain Drain/Gain, Developing Countries, Funding, Higher Education
Kronenwetter, Eric
P. 44
Academic Expectations and Adjustment of Russian Students
Academic Performance, English as a Foreign Language, Intercultural Competence, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Russia, Voices of Exchange Column
Efimova, Irina
Gillis, Scott
P. 6