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Articles tagged Across Cultures Column

May/Jun 2009
Higher Education Transformation in Pakistan: Political and Economic Instability
Access to Education, Across Cultures Column, Higher Education, Pakistan, Public Policy
Hayward, Fred M.
P. 24
Jul/Aug 2007
Chinese Higher Education in an Open-Door Era
Accreditation, Across Cultures Column, China, Quality Issues
Altbach, Philip G.
P. 15
Jan/Feb 2007
A 2020 Vision for Higher Education in Vietnam
Accreditation, Across Cultures Column, Developing Countries, International Development, Vietnam
Hayden, Martin
Thiep, Lam Quang
P. 14
Jul/Aug 2009
Efforts to Reconstruct Afghan Higher Education
Across Cultures Column, Afghanistan, Higher Education, Public Policy
Daxner, Michael
P. 14
Sep/Oct 2006
Transformation, Reform, and Renewal in Afghanistan
Across Cultures Column, Afghanistan, Political Issues
Tierney, William G.
P. 14
Nov/Dec 2008
Shifting Demographics in Sub-Saharan Africa
Across Cultures Column, Africa, Higher Education, International Student Enrollments
Shabani, Juba
P. 14
May/Jun 2007
Planning for Higher Education Changes in Madagascar
Across Cultures Column, Africa, Higher Education, Madagascar
Hayward, Fred M.
Rasoanampoizina, Hanitra
P. 12
Jan/Feb 2006
Down but Not Under: Australian Higher Education
Across Cultures Column, Asia, Australia
Tucker, Aviezer
P. 18
Jul/Aug 2008
Flying Brains: A Challenge Facing Iran Today
Across Cultures Column, Brain Drain/Gain, Business, Employment Issues, International Scholars, Iran, Middle East, Student Mobility, International Student (s)
Kamyab, Shahrzad
P. 10
May/Jun 2008
Entrepreneurship and Technology in Estonia
Across Cultures Column, Business Education, Entrepreneurship, Estonia, Technology
West, Charlotte
P. 20
Mar/Apr 2008
Expanding Horizons for Chinese Students
Across Cultures Column, China, Education Abroad, Higher Education
Feng, Kong
Martin, Venie
P. 20
Sep/Oct 2005
Hong Kong Universities Welcoming Mainland Students
Across Cultures Column, China, Hong Kong
Shive, Glenn
P. 12
Mar/Apr 2005
Academic Exchanges with Cuba: The Impact of Recent U.S. Policy Changes
Across Cultures Column, Cuba, Public Policy
Barberia, Lorena
P. 10
Mar/Apr 2006
Creating International Learning Clusters in Dubai
Across Cultures Column, Dubai, Middle East
Al Karam, Abdullah
Ashencaen, Andromeda
P. 12
Nov/Dec 2007
New Dimensions of a Kazak-U.S. Partnership
Across Cultures Column, Economic Development, Endowments, International Development, Kazakhstan
Bilyalov, Darkhan
Streitwieser, Bernhard
P. 14
Nov/Dec 2005
India: A World-Class Country Without World-Class Higher Education
Across Cultures Column, Economic Development, India
Altbach, Philip G.
P. 14
Mar/Apr 2009
Performance-Based Funding of Universities: The Italian Experience
Across Cultures Column, Funding, Higher Education, Italy, Public Policy
Agasisti, Tommaso
P. 12
Nov/Dec 2006
The Impact of Globalization: A Case of Mongolian Universities
Across Cultures Column, Globalization, Mongolia
Sodnomtseren, Altantsetseg
P. 16
Jul/Aug 2006
Private Universities and Government Policy in Japan
Across Cultures Column, Japan, Public Policy
Akabayashi, Hideo
P. 16
May/Jun 2005
Public Universities in Mexico: The Politics of Public Policies
Across Cultures Column, Mexico, Political Issues
Alvarez-Mendiola, German
de Vries, Wietse
P. 10
Mar/Apr 2007
Development of Private Higher Education in Turkey
Across Cultures Column, Private Universities, Turkey
Guruz, Kemel
P. 14
Jan/Feb 2005
New Trends in Russian Education
Across Cultures Column, Russia
Anistratenko, Oksana
P. 10
May/Jun 2006
Dual Privatization in Georgian Higher Education
Georgia (Country), Across Cultures Column, Funding, Private Sector
Pachuashvili, Marie
P. 20