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Articles tagged Credentialing

Fall 2003
Afghanistan's Challenge: Rebuilding Education
Afghanistan, Credentialing, Economic Development, Education Abroad, Educational System, Intercultural Competence, Scholar Exchanges, Social Change, Women's Issues
McKown, Ted R., II
P. 10
Summer 2002
At a Glance: International Students in the United States
Credentialing, Immigration and Visas, International Student Enrollments, Reentry Process, Social Adjustment, Student Characteristics
Bevis, Teresa Brawner
P. 12
Summer 2002
Centralization and Specialization in the Soviet System
Credentialing, Degree Programs, Former USSR
P. 22
Summer 2002
Credentials Analysis 101: A Methodology for Simplifying Evaluation
Credentialing, Degree Programs, International Student Admissions, International Student and Scholar Advisers
Foley, Chris J.
McKown, Ted R., II
P. 18
Fall 2001
Globalization in Higher Education: Let Us Do It the Smart Way
Credentialing, Europe, Globalization, Language, Technology, 1307 New York Avenue Column
Sadlak, Jan
P. 3
Jan/Feb 2011
Keeping It Honest
Credentialing, Degree Programs, International Enrollment, Law and Legal Issues, United States
Tobenkin, David
P. 32
Sep/Oct 2007
Potemkin Diplomas: Evaluating Russian Credentials
Credentialing, Higher Education, Russia
Caplan, Bram
P. 62
Fall 2002
Reforming European Degree Structures: The Reintroduction of the Master's Degrees
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Europe, Europe, Graduate Education, Graduate Education
Tauch, Christian
P. 24
Sep/Oct 2006
Strategies in Dealing with the Bologna Process
Credentialing, Europe, Ground Work Column
Bell, Jeannine E.
Watkins, Robert A.
P. 70
Summer 2002
The Four Educational Patterns
Credentialing, Degree Programs, Former USSR, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
P. 20
Fall 2002
Which Country Has Which Degrees?
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Europe
P. 26