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Articles tagged Degree Programs

Fall 2000
The Next Ten Years: Trends Affecting Study Abroad Participation for U.S. Students
Adult Learners, Community Service, Degree Programs, Disabilities, Students with, Education Abroad, Financial Aid, Global Workforce Development, International Student Employment, International Student Enrollments, Language, Student Characteristics, Technology, U.S. Students
Ludwig, Meredith
P. 34
Summer 2002
Credentials Analysis 101: A Methodology for Simplifying Evaluation
Credentialing, Degree Programs, International Student Admissions, International Student and Scholar Advisers
Foley, Chris J.
McKown, Ted R., II
P. 18
Summer 2002
The Four Educational Patterns
Credentialing, Degree Programs, Former USSR, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
P. 20
Summer 2002
Centralization and Specialization in the Soviet System
Credentialing, Degree Programs, Former USSR
P. 22
Fall 2002
Reforming European Degree Structures: The Reintroduction of the Master's Degrees
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Europe, Europe, Graduate Education, Graduate Education
Tauch, Christian
P. 24
Fall 2002
Which Country Has Which Degrees?
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Europe
P. 26
Winter 2003
High Expectations: Joint Degrees as a Means to a European Higher Education Space
Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Europe, University Partnerships
Rauhvargers, Andrejs
P. 26
Fall 2003
Hong Kong's New Postsecondary Education Marketplace
Community Colleges, Degree Programs, Economic Development, Hong Kong
Shive, Glenn
P. 32
Jan/Feb 2006
A Key to Your Career? Master's Degrees
Administrators, Careers in International Education, Degree Programs, Graduate Education, Graduate Education, Professional Education
Dessoff, Alan
P. 36
Jan/Feb 2006
Where Have All the International Students Gone? Part II
Degree Programs, Ground Work Column, International Student Admissions, Student Mobility
Cummings, William K.
Bain, Olga
P. 62
Jan/Feb 2008
Abroad After Graduation, English Style
Degree Programs, Denmark, Denmark, Education Abroad Column, English, Europe, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden
West, Charlotte
P. 50
May/Jun 2008
Degrees of Success
Collaborative Programs, Degree Programs, Dual-Degree Programs, Joint-Degree Programs, Undergraduate Programs, University Partnerships
Tobenkin, David
P. 36
May/Jun 2009
A Unique Three-Way Partnership
Business Education, Community Colleges, Degree Programs, Singapore, United States, University Partnerships
Moore, David
P. 100
Sep/Oct 2009
Globalizing General Education
Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, General Education Curriculum, Global Citizenship, Globalization, Internationalization
Rubin, Kyna
P. 20
May/Jun 2010
Getting Down to Business-Recruiting International MBA Students
Business Education, Degree Programs, Graduate Education, Graduate Education, International Student Enrollments, International Student Recruitment
Fernandez, Kim
P. 84
May/Jun 2010
Launching an International Collaborative Master's Degree
Collaborative Programs, Degree Programs, Europe, Graduate Education, Graduate Education, Malta, Program Development, University Partnerships
Krentler, Kathleen A.
P. 88
Jan/Feb 2011
Keeping It Honest
Credentialing, Degree Programs, International Enrollment, Law and Legal Issues, United States
Tobenkin, David
P. 32
Jul/Aug 2011
Rights and Responsibilities: Globalization and the International Research University
Asia, Degree Programs, Forum Column, Globalization, Singapore, University Partnerships
Coclanis, Peter A.
P. 52
Mar/Apr 2012
Pioneering International Partnerships: An Interview with Satish K. Tripathi
Asia, Canada, China, College and University Presidents, Degree Programs, Faculty, India, Internationalization, Interviews, Joint-Degree Programs, Singapore, University Partnerships, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 16
Mar/Apr 2012
Degrees of Distinction
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Degree Programs, Education Abroad, England, Europe, France, Germany, Graduate Education, Higher Education, International Enrollment, Scotland, Undergraduate Programs, United Kingdom, U.S. Students
West, Charlotte
P. 32
Sep/Oct 2012
2+2=Success for Many International Students
Community Colleges, Degree Programs, Financial Aid, Foreign Student Affairs Column, International Student Admissions, Undergraduate Programs, International Student (s)
West, Charlotte
P. 52
Nov/Dec 2012
International Articulation Agreements
Accreditation, Community Colleges, Degree Programs, Education Abroad, International Student Recruitment, Partnering Column, University Partnerships, International Student (s)
West, Charlotte
P. 40
Jan/Feb 2013
After the Curtain Fell
Bologna Process, Bulgaria, Cold War, Communism, Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Degree Programs, Educational System, Europe, Europe, Graduate Education, Higher Education, Hungary, Internationalization, Poland, Universities, Yugoslavia, International Student (s)
Ladika, Susan
P. 30
Jan/Feb 2013
Shake Up
Asia, Degree Programs, International Enrollment, Internationalization, International Student Recruitment, Japan, Undergraduate Programs
Connell, Christopher
P. 46
Supplement to Mar/Apr 2014
English Expands
Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Denmark, English, Europe, Finland, Graduate Education, Italy, Language Supplement, Spain, Sweden
West, Charlotte
P. 10
May/Jun 2014
Commitment and Creativity Reap Significant Rewards
Asia, China, Degree Programs, Dual-Degree Programs, Education Abroad, Internationalization, Internationalization Leadership Column, Leadership, University Partnerships
Rubin, Kyna
P. 62
May/Jun 2014
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Partnerships
Degree Programs, Dual-Degree Programs, Partnering Column, University Partnerships
Kisch, Marian
P. 66
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2014
Collaborative Programs, Degree Programs, Germany, Research, United States, University Partnerships
Ladika, Susan
P. 2
Jan/Feb 2015
Education Abroad for Graduate Students
Curriculum and Instruction, Degree Programs, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Graduate Education, Program Development
Hulstrand, Janet
P. 44
Jul/Aug 2015
Degrees without Borders
Collaborative Programs, Degree Programs, Dual-Degree Programs, Graduate Education, Joint-Degree Programs, Program Development, University Partnerships
West, Charlotte
P. 20