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Articles tagged Funding

Spring 2000
The International Office: Taking a Closer Look
Education Abroad Advisers, Funding, Internationalization, Research
Van de Water, Jack
P. 30
Fall 2000
Higher Education in Developing Countries
Back Page Column, Brain Drain/Gain, Developing Countries, Funding, Higher Education
Kronenwetter, Eric
P. 44
Spring 2001
COMSEC Comes Into Its Own
Customer Service, Funding, Volunteerism, Community (Programming) Section
Olson, Barbara
P. 12
Summer 2001
A Texas-Size Victory for International Education
Access to Education, Funding, Public Policy, State Governments
Albrecht, Teri J.
P. 6
Winter 2003
Eastern European Higher Education: Reform and Resistance
Eastern Europe, Europe, Former USSR, Foundations, Funding, Intercultural Competence, Political Issues
Tucker, Aviezer
P. 32
Spring 2003
In America's Interest: Welcoming International Students
Funding, Immigration and Visas, International Student Recruitment, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, United States
P. 11
Spring 2003
Seeing Beyond the Numbers: International Student Equity and Access
Access to Education, Financial Aid, Funding, International Student Recruitment, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Student Mobility
Ashwill, Mark A.
P. 20
Winter 2004
Renewal of HEA-Title VI: A Mixed Picture
Back Page Column, Funding, Government Acts, Political Issues
Kazanjian, Miriam A.
P. 44
Summer 2004
Promoting Access and Equity in International Higher Education
Access to Education, Access to Education, Fellowships, Funding, Immigration and Visas, Public Policy, 1307 New York Avenue Column
Dassin, Joan
P. 3
Mar/Apr 2005
Building a Diverse Student Body from the Ground Up: An Interview with Stephanie Bell-Rose
Access to Education, Foundations, Funding, Interviews, Student Characteristics, Voices Column
P. 14
May/Jun 2005
Moving Vietnam Forward
Education Abroad, Funding, Political Issues, Vietnam
Ashwill, Mark A.
P. 46
Mar/Apr 2006
Financial Aid and Funding Education Abroad
Education Abroad, Education Abroad Advisers, Education Abroad Column, Financial Aid, Funding
Lauman, Brad
Stubbs, Nancy
Gliozzo, Charles
Lee, Elizabeth
P. 50
May/Jun 2006
Dual Privatization in Georgian Higher Education
Georgia (Country), Across Cultures Column, Funding, Private Sector
Pachuashvili, Marie
P. 20
Jul/Aug 2006
Balancing Act: Quality and Cost in Education Abroad
Education Abroad, Funding, Quality Issues
Dessoff, Alan
P. 24
May/Jun 2007
Mission Driven
Africa, Central America, China, Fellowships, Foundations, Funding, Latin America, Russia
Bremer, Darlene
P. 40
May/Jun 2007
Measuring Return on Investment in International Student Recruitment
Funding, Ground Work Column, International Student Recruitment
Darrup-Boychuck, Cheryl
P. 64
May/Jun 2007
Go Exotica? Education Abroad to Nontraditional Locations
Economic Development, Education Abroad, Forum Column, Funding, Global Citizenship, Intercultural Competence, Language, Security and Safety Issues
Ferst, Stephen
P. 75
Jul/Aug 2007
Investing for the Future of Education Abroad: How One Institution Started an Endowment Fund for Education Abroad
Education Abroad Column, Endowments, Funding
Gliozzo, Charles
P. 62
Mar/Apr 2009
Performance-Based Funding of Universities: The Italian Experience
Across Cultures Column, Funding, Higher Education, Italy, Public Policy
Agasisti, Tommaso
P. 12
Jan/Feb 2010
A Renewed Commitment to International Education: An Interview with Martha J. Kanter
Community Colleges, Financial Aid, Funding, Interviews, Public Policy, United States, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 18
May/Jun 2010
Turning Adversity to Opportunity in Funding Education Abroad
Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Funding
Hulstrand, Janet
P. 72
May/Jun 2010
The Economy, Higher Education, and Campus Internationalization
Forum Column, Funding, Higher Education, Internationalization, Student Mobility, United States
Hudzik, John K.
P. 96
May/Jun 2011
Windfall Scholarships for Education Abroad
Alumni, Education Abroad, Endowments, Financial Aid, Funding
Hulstrand, Janet
Loveland, Elaina
P. 54
May/Jun 2012
After the Bubble: Ireland Works to Rebound. An Interview with Ruairi Quinn
Educational System, Europe, Funding, Higher Education, Interviews, Ireland, Public Policy, Voices Column, International Student (s)
Tobenkin, David
P. 28
May/Jun 2012
Weathering the Storm
Educational System, Europe, Faculty, Funding, Greece, Higher Education, Ireland, Italy, Law and Legal Issues, Portugal, Public Policy, Quality Issues
Tobenkin, David
P. 54
Jul/Aug 2012
Big Returns on Small Investments
Asia, China, Czech Republic, Education Abroad, Funding, University Partnerships
West, Charlotte
P. 40
Sep/Oct 2012
Making Adjustments
Educational System, England, Europe, Financial Aid, Funding, Higher Education, Immigration and Visas, Scotland, Student Loans, United Kingdom, Wales
Tobenkin, David
P. 20
Sep/Oct 2012
Curriculum Integration: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Curriculum and Instruction, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Advisers, Education Abroad Column, Faculty, Funding, Interdisciplinary Education
Hulstrand, Janet
P. 48
Sep/Oct 2012
International Education in the UK: To What End?
Bologna Process, Education Abroad, Educational System, Europe, Forum Column, Funding, Higher Education, Knowledge Economy, Quality Issues, United Kingdom, International Student (s)
Woolf, Michael
P. 60
Jul/Aug 2014
European Internationalization Strategies
Employment Issues, Europe, Forum Column, Funding, Higher Education, Internationalization, Public Policy, Research, Student Mobility
Lemmens, Nina
P. 52
Sep/Oct 2014
Opening the Doors Wider: Funding Education Abroad for Nontraditional Students
Access to Education, Diversity, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Financial Aid, Funding, International Finance, Nontraditional Students
Hulstrand, Janet
P. 46
Nov/Dec 2014
The U.S. Community College and the Law of the Retarding Lead
Community Colleges, Competitiveness, Employment Issues, Forum Column, Funding, Globalization, Global Workforce Development, Internationalization, United States
Brown, Carol Stax
P. 52
Jan/Feb 2015
North Carolina State University Adds Global Engagement to the Land-Grant Mission
Funding, Internationalization, Universities
Connell, Christopher
P. 34
Supplement to Mar/Apr 2015
Japan Looks to Take Flight
Asia, Competitiveness, Funding, Global Competency, Higher Education, Internationalization, Japan, Public Policy, Universities
West, Charlotte
P. 2
Sep/Oct 2015
A Little Can Go a Long Way
Education Abroad, Endowments, Financial Aid, Foundations, Funding
Connell, Christopher
P. 22