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Articles tagged Middle East

Spring 2002
Academic Freedom: International Warning Signs
Academic Freedom, Africa, Asia, China, Egypt, Germany, Middle East, Russia, 1307 New York Avenue Column, United States
Altbach, Philip G.
P. 3
Summer 2002
Toward Global TLC: Tolerance, Language, and Culture
Intercultural Competence, Language, Middle East, 1307 New York Avenue Column, Tolerance
Kipper, Judith
P. 3
Mar/Apr 2006
Creating International Learning Clusters in Dubai
Across Cultures Column, Dubai, Middle East
Al Karam, Abdullah
Ashencaen, Andromeda
P. 12
Mar/Apr 2007
Developing Opportunity in the Middle East
Africa, Developing Regions Series, Economic Development, Egypt, Global Workforce Development, Global Workforce Development, Jordan, Middle East, Religion, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Women's Issues
Wilkie, Dana
P. 32
Jul/Aug 2007
Uncovering Archeological Treasures
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Africa, Archeology, Egypt, Experiential Learning, Math and Science Education, Middle East, Science and International Education Series, Turkey
Branan, Nicole
P. 36
Jul/Aug 2007
Digging Into the Past in Search of Hope
Archeology, Israel, Middle East, A View from Out Here Column, A View from Out Here Column
Overman, J. Andrew
P. 66
Jul/Aug 2008
Flying Brains: A Challenge Facing Iran Today
Across Cultures Column, Brain Drain/Gain, Business, Employment Issues, International Scholars, Iran, Middle East, Student Mobility, International Student (s)
Kamyab, Shahrzad
P. 10
Jul/Aug 2009
Realization of a New Campus in New Cairo: An Interview with David Arnold
College and University Presidents, Egypt, Interviews, Liberal Education, Middle East, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 18
Sep/Oct 2009
Women's Work
Global Workforce Development, Higher Education, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Middle East, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, University Partnerships, Women's Education, Women's Issues
Ladika, Susan
P. 30
Mar/Apr 2010
At Home on Three Continents: An Interview with Haleh Esfandiari
Interviews, Iran, Middle East, Middle East, Voices Column, Women's Issues
Loveland, Elaina
P. 20
Nov/Dec 2010
From the Steel City to Qatar, Carnegie Mellon University Pursues a Global Course
Middle East, Qatar
Connell, Christopher
P. 42
May/Jun 2011
Bridging the Gulf
Forum Column, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, University Partnerships
Battenburg, John D.
P. 106
Sep/Oct 2011
A Houston-Doha Partnership: Leveraging Local Assets to Create a Global Enterprise
Community Colleges, Middle East, Partnering Column, Qatar, University Partnerships
Spangler, Mary S.
Tyler, Art, Jr.
P. 54
Nov/Dec 2011
Cultivating Branch Campuses
Asia, Branch Campuses, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Market Research, Middle East, Singapore, United Arab Emirates
Dessoff, Alan
P. 18
Sep/Oct 2012
My Journey with Mohamed: Leaving the Libyan Revolution in Michigan
Human Rights, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Libya, Media, Middle East, Social Media/Networking, Technology, A View from Out Here Column, War
Stoetzner, Kate
P. 56
Nov/Dec 2012
Transforming Lives
International Student (s), Africa, Asia, Burma, Human Rights, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Kurdistan, Malawi, Middle East, Political Asylees and Refugees, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Tibet
Ladika, Susan
P. 14
May/Jun 2013
Peace Pathways
Asia, Europe, Ireland, Jordan, Kosovo, Middle East, Nepal, Peace and Social Justice
Wilkie, Dana
P. 32
Nov/Dec 2013
Reawakening Higher Education in Iraq
Collaborative Programs, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational System, Financial Aid, Higher Education, Iraq, Middle East, Security and Safety Issues, University Partnerships, War
Tobenkin, David
P. 24
Nov/Dec 2013
Influx from the Middle East
Cultural Adjustment, Foreign Student Affairs Column, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Middle East, Social Adjustment, Syria, International Student (s)
Leggett, Karen
P. 44
Jan/Feb 2014
Helping Students Step Outside Their Comfort Zone
Education Abroad, Israel, Media, Middle East, A View from Out Here Column
Kanigel, Rachele
P. 48
Supplement to Mar/Apr 2014
Arabic Is Blooming
Curriculum and Instruction, Foreign Language, Foreign Language, Middle East
Valosik, Vicki
P. 1
May/Jun 2014
An Odyssey of Rediscovery
Human Rights, Iran, Middle East, A View from Out Here Column
Feighner, Michael
P. 70
Mar/Apr 2015
Beyond the Arab Spring: An Interview with Lisa Anderson
College and University Presidents, Crisis Management, Egypt, Faculty, Interviews, Middle East, Security and Safety Issues, Social Change, Voices Column, International Student (s)
Leggett, Karen
P. 16
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2015
Diversifying International Recruitment
Africa, Asia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Diversity, Ecuador, Financial Aid, Honduras, India, Indonesia, International Enrollment, International Student Recruitment, Korea, Kuwait, Latin America, Market Research, Middle East, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Research, Saudi Arabia, South America, Venezuela, Vietnam
West, Charlotte
P. 2
Supplement to Nov/Dec 2015
Learning Arabic Abroad
Africa, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Abroad, Foreign Language, Foreign Language, Language Supplement, Middle East
Valosik, Vicki
P. 2