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Articles tagged Research

Fall 1999/Winter 2000
Foreign Students, Foreign Scientists, and National Security: An Uneasy Balance
China, International Scholars, Math and Science Education, Minorities, U.S., Research, Security and Safety Issues, Security and Safety Issues, International Student (s), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Cron, Ted
Harris, Suzanne
P. 16
Spring 2000
The International Office: Taking a Closer Look
Education Abroad Advisers, Funding, Internationalization, Research
Van de Water, Jack
P. 30
Summer 2000
Exploring the Long-term Impact of Study Abroad: A Case Study of 50 Years of Study Abroad Alumni
Alumni, Education Abroad, Intercultural Competence, Language, Research
Akande, Yemi
Slawson, Carla
P. 12
Winter 2001
Open Doors 2000: International Student Mobility at the Millennium
Asia, Community Colleges, Financial Aid, Open Doors Report, Research, Student Characteristics, Student Mobility
Koh, Hey-Kyung
P. 29
Winter 2001
Internationalizing the Student Experience: How Serious Are We?
Australia, Intercultural Competence, Internationalization, Research
Dunstan, Paula
P. 34
Spring 2002
Globally Mobile: Talking with Ruth Useem and Ann Baker Cottrell About Cross-National Educational Experiences
Global Nomads, Intercultural Competence, Interviews, Research, Student Mobility
Murakami-Ramalho, Elizabeth
P. 24
Winter 2003
The Internationalized Campus: A Strategic Approach
Curriculum and Instruction, Economic Development, Internationalization, Leadership, Public Diplomacy, Quality Issues, Research, Security and Safety Issues, Strategic Planning
Green, Madeleine F.
P. 13
Fall 2003
What's a Month Worth? Student Perceptions of What They Learned Abroad
Education Abroad, Intercultural Competence, Research, Short-Term Programs
Chieffo, Lisa
Griffiths, Lesa
P. 26
Fall 2003
Universities Under Surveillance
Back Page Column, Burma, Developing Countries, Research, Security and Safety Issues
Bardon, Agnes
P. 36
Spring 2004
Internationalization: In Search of Intercultural Competence
Global Citizenship, Intercultural Competence, Internationalization, Knowledge Economy, Research
Deardorff, Darla K.
P. 13
Summer 2004
The Multiplier Effect
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Academic Performance, Education Abroad, Immigration and Visas, Math and Science Education, Public Policy, Research
Anderson, Stuart
P. 14
Jan/Feb 2005
An Invaluable Perspective
Education Abroad, Internationalization, Quality Issues, Research, Student Characteristics
Van Hoof, Hubert B.
P. 26
Jan/Feb 2005
Good Faith or Hard Data? Justifying Short-Term Programs
Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Quality Issues, Research, Short-Term Programs
Zamastil-Vondrova, Kristine
P. 44
Mar/Apr 2005
Where Have the International Students Gone?
Immigration and Visas, International Student Enrollments, Research
Bain, Olga
Cummings, William K.
P. 18
Mar/Apr 2005
Shooting for the Stars: UNC at Chapel Hill Provides a Galaxy of International Services, Studies, and Research Programs
Internationalization, Research
Connell, Christopher
P. 32
May/Jun 2005
A Matter of Logic?
Intercultural Competence, Internationalization, International Student Enrollments, Quality Issues, Research
Deardorff, Darla K.
P. 26
Nov/Dec 2005
International Students and U.S. Policy Changes
Immigration and Visas, International Student Enrollments, Public Policy, Research
Anderson, Stuart
P. 24
Jan/Feb 2006
Beyond Anecdote: Education Abroad Comes of Age
Education Abroad, Education Abroad Advisers, Education Abroad Column, Research
Hulstrand, Janet
P. 52
Mar/Apr 2006
Who's Not Going Abroad?
Access to Education, Education Abroad, Research, Student Characteristics
Dessoff, Alan
P. 20
Mar/Apr 2006
Cross-Border Education: Not Just Students on the Move
Cross-Border Programs, Front Lines Column, Research, Student Mobility
Knight, Jane
P. 4
May/Jun 2006
Educating Global-Ready Graduates
Global Workforce Development, Ground Work Column, Intercultural Competence, Research
Deardorff, Darla K.
Hunter, William D.
P. 72
Jul/Aug 2006
Confronting America's Challenge in Math and Science Education
Curriculum and Instruction, Front Lines Column, Math and Science Education, Public Policy, Research, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Hutchison, Kay Bailey
P. 4
May/Jun 2008
(Not So) Glacial Changes
Collaborative Programs, Curriculum and Instruction, Experiential Learning, Global Climate Change, Math and Science Education, Research, Science and International Education Series, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Branan, Nicole
P. 48
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2008
The UK: International Recruiting Powerhouse
Branding, International Student Recruitment, Market Research, Northern Ireland, Regional Spotlight Supplements, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
Leggett, Karen
P. 1
Sep/Oct 2008
Building Education Brands
Branding, Education Abroad, International Student Enrollments, Market Research
West, Charlotte
P. 52
Mar/Apr 2009
Tracking Students with Disabilities Who Study Abroad
Disabilities, Students with, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Health Issues, Open Doors Report, Research
Scheib, Michele
P. 52
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2009
Imagine, Cooperative Branding!
Branding, Canada, Collaborative Programs, Government Programs, International Student Enrollments, International Student Recruitment, Market Research, Public Policy, Regional Spotlight Supplements
Katz, Eve
P. 12
Supplement to Mar/Apr 2010
Business English Programs Are New and Improved!
Business Education, Curriculum and Instruction, English as a Foreign Language, Language Supplement, Market Research, International Student (s)
Fernandez, Kim
P. 8
May/Jun 2010
The First Globals Generation: An Interview with John Zogby
Global Citizenship, Globalization, Interviews, Research, Student Characteristics, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 22
May/Jun 2010
International Students Are an Emerging Market for Study Abroad
Education Abroad, Foreign Student Affairs Column, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Market Research, International Student (s)
Grassi, Greg
Espiritu, Kira
P. 80
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2011
Making the Numbers Work
International Student Admissions, International Student Recruitment, Market Research, Research
Fernandez, Kim
P. 10
Nov/Dec 2011
Cultivating Branch Campuses
Asia, Branch Campuses, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Market Research, Middle East, Singapore, United Arab Emirates
Dessoff, Alan
P. 18
Nov/Dec 2011
India Opens Its Doors [Cautiously]
Access to Education, Asia, Higher Education, India, International Enrollment, Research, University Partnerships
Kisch, Marian
P. 28
May/Jun 2013
Shared Solutions
Collaborative Programs, Health Issues, Mexico, Research, United States, University Partnerships
Tobenkin, David
P. 44
Jul/Aug 2013
Canada, Collaborative Programs, Cross-Border Programs, Research, United States, University Partnerships
Wilkie, Dana
P. 24
Jan/Feb 2014
Practical Experience: Collaborative Research in Short-term Education Abroad
Brazil, Collaborative Programs, Curriculum and Instruction, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Program Development, Research, Short-Term Programs, South America
Colpitts, Anne
P. 40
Jan/Feb 2014
Student Learning Abroad: Three Stories We Tell
Curriculum and Instruction, Education Abroad, Forum Column, History of International Education, Intercultural Competence, Learning, Research
Vande Berg, Michael
P. 52
Mar/Apr 2014
Translating Knowledge to Meet Global and Societal Needs: An Interview with Joseph E. Aoun
College and University Presidents, Curriculum and Instruction, Global Citizenship, Graduate Education, Higher Education, International Scholars, Interviews, Research, Scholars, Universities, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 16
Mar/Apr 2014
International Education Supply and Demand: Forecasting the Future
Australia, Canada, English, Europe, Forum Column, Higher Education, International Enrollment, Market Research, Research, United Kingdom, United States
Ruby, Alan
P. 52
May/Jun 2014
International Students Are Vital to U.S. Higher Education
Faculty, Front Lines Column, Graduate Education, Higher Education, Research, United States, International Student (s)
Anderson, Stuart
P. 4
Jul/Aug 2014
European Internationalization Strategies
Employment Issues, Europe, Forum Column, Funding, Higher Education, Internationalization, Public Policy, Research, Student Mobility
Lemmens, Nina
P. 52
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2014
Collaborative Programs, Degree Programs, Germany, Research, United States, University Partnerships
Ladika, Susan
P. 2
Nov/Dec 2014
A Practice in Solidarity: A. U.S. Perspective on Cuban Higher Education
Cuba, Educational System, Higher Education, Internationalization, Research, United States, A View from Out Here Column
Nessas, Dimitri
Wood, Taylor C.
Woods, Mary Lynn
P. 48
Supplement to Jan/Feb 2015
Partnerships Spur INNOVATION
Brazil, China, Collaborative Programs, Higher Education, India, Internationalization, Ireland, Research, Technology, University Partnerships
Connell, Christopher
P. 2
Jan/Feb 2015
Preparing to Recruit from Emerging Markets
Asia, Brazil, China, Forum Column, India, International Student Recruitment, Korea, Market Research, Research, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam
Choudaha, Rahul
P. 52
May/Jun 2015
Immigrant Scientists Invaluable to the United States
Front Lines Column, Immigration and Visas, Nobel Peace Prize, Public Policy, Research, United States
Anderson, Stuart
P. 4
Jul/Aug 2015
Singapore's Talent Strategy
International Student (s), Financial Aid, Global Spotlight Column, Global Spotlight Column, Higher Education, International Scholars, Research, Scholars, Singapore
Yarbrough, Cathy
P. 16
Supplement to Sep/Oct 2015
Diversifying International Recruitment
Africa, Asia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Diversity, Ecuador, Financial Aid, Honduras, India, Indonesia, International Enrollment, International Student Recruitment, Korea, Kuwait, Latin America, Market Research, Middle East, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Research, Saudi Arabia, South America, Venezuela, Vietnam
West, Charlotte
P. 2