Malaika Marable Serrano, MA

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

For nearly 20 years, Malaika has led diversity and inclusion initiatives in academic, non-profit and private sector spaces. In her current position as the VP for diversity and inclusion at WorldStrides, she works closely with Senior Leadership to define vision and strategy. This includes a number of education and organizational initiatives designed to foster a community of inclusion and a diverse workforce. During Malaika's tenure at the University of Maryland, she created and taught several international service-learning and social justice courses. Students were invited to examine their social identities in both domestic and international contexts, as well as challenge assumptions around race, class, ability, and gender. Malaika's educational background includes a BA from the University of Southern California, an MA from the University of Maryland, a diversity and inclusion certificate from Cornell University and she is currently a doctoral student at the UniversitĂ  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.