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On December 5, 2017, over 200 former federal officials signed a letter to congressional leadership calling for a "clean" Dream Act. The letter expresses serious concern that not only is passage of the Dream Act necessary to preserve the future of a generation of undocumented young people but also that it is essential for good government. The cosigners range from former political appointees to former career officials who agreed the Dream Act would be an important step in creating a more efficient and manageable immigration system. Read more and find quotes from former Secretary of Education John King, former Director of the Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Muñoz, and NAFSA Executive Director and CEO Esther Brimmer in the NAFSA press release.

Dear Speaker Ryan, Leader Pelosi, Leader McConnell and Leader Schumer:

We write to you as former federal employees who have administered or observed the nation’s immigration system for many years and understand both its complexities and its challenges. For the reasons given below, we urge you to bring the Dream Act (S. 1615, H.R. 3440) to the floor for a vote without amendments or qualifications of any kind. A decisive vote, unfettered by additional enforcement provisions or attempts to restrict future legal immigration, is the best solution to resolving the undocumented status of a generation of young people.

Collectively, we have implemented, enforced, adjudicated, and regulated aspects of our immigration system or worked in areas of the government that rely on a functioning immigration system for over 50 years. We have worked in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government and have experienced the widening gap between the objectives of our immigration system and the ability to deliver services to those who merit them. As the years have gone by with no significant reforms to our immigration system, the federal workforce has been put in an impossible situation. Our immigration laws have not kept pace with the rapidly changing nature of migration to the United States and around the world, leaving many public servants with no choice but to deny well-deserved or much needed benefits and protections to non-citizens.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the case of undocumented youth brought to this country as children, frequently known as the Dreamers. Despite their complete identification with American culture and values, the legal options available for them to “get right with the law” have become fewer with each passing year. Prior to 1996, many of these individuals, their parents, and other family members, might have become eligible for adjustment of status through relief mechanisms built into the law, such as suspension of deportation, that were designed to allow for individual balancing of equities and responsibilities. Since 1996, however, the trend in immigration law has been to strip away these balancing mechanisms, limiting the authority of federal adjudicators and enforcers to make individualized decisions and to exercise any grace in enforcing the law. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was born out of that frustration, as an effort to marshal whatever remaining discretion was available to limit, but not fix, the consequences of a failing immigration system.

Today, Congress has the opportunity to restore balance to a small part of the system by enacting the Dream Act. There has been much talk of the need to attach immigration enforcement measures, such as appropriating funds to build a wall or to add more layers of security at the border, as a necessary condition for authorizing legal status for Dreamers, but such talk ignores the long history of legislation and appropriations that have funded major expansions of border and interior enforcement and toughened numerous immigration laws. During the span of the last 20 years, virtually every effort to address immigration that has passed Congress has been aimed at strengthening enforcement. While we support thoughtful and innovative measures to maintain the security of our country – and have devoted our lives to its service – we respectfully suggest that our immigration system is broken not because we don’t have enough enforcement mechanisms and funding, but because we have inadequate options for legal migration, including options to address the situation of individuals who have been in the country unlawfully but have earned a chance, through their hard work and contributions, to reside legally in the United States.

The debate over how to fully reform our immigration system – how to find that right balance between legal immigration and enforcement, how to support our businesses and schools, how to ensure that our citizens have equal opportunities – is for another day. But we can begin the process of restoring balance by addressing the discrete and compelling situation of the Dreamers

We support the Dream Act not only because it provides relief to a group of young people who call America home, but because it offers clear guidance and eligibility requirements that will allow the federal workforce to do its job. It makes use of existing adjudications, such as DACA determinations, to reduce redundancies in adjudication. It establishes clear procedures and reasonable timelines for completing decisions. It gives the adjudicator and the law enforcement official clear priorities and guidance with respect to allocating our limited government resources. In short, it will make it easier for immigration officials across the board to do their jobs. The more the decision to “fix DACA” is tied to enforcement measures, efforts to limit future migration, or otherwise complicate the solution, the more likely it is to be caught up in uncertainty and ultimately to fail.

We urge you to act swiftly and decisively to help the Dreamers. A vote for a “clean” Dream Act is not only a vote for these young people, but a vote to improve the quality of service that federal workers seek to provide to everyone.


Aaron Rodriguez
Assistant Press Secretary

Adam Hunter
Chief of Staff, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Adam Malik
Immigration Officer

Adrian Saenz
Deputy Director, White House Intergovernmental Affairs

Ajay B. Kundaria
Deputy Executive Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Alan Davidson
Director of Digital Economy, U.S. Department of Commerce

Alan G. Bennett
Asylum Officer, ICE Asst. Chief Counsel, Adjudications Officer

Alejandra Ceja
Executive Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

Alexa Kissinger
Special Assistant, Office of Public Engagement & Intergovernmental Affairs, The White House

Alfonso Lopez
Assistant Administrator, Small Business Administration

Alison Kukla
Special Assistant, White House Office Of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs

Alonzo R. Pena
Deputy Director Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Amanda Aguirre
Director of Public Engagement, EPA

Amanda Alvarado Ford
Counsel for General Counsel, NLRB Region 2, Region 22, & San Francisco CA office

Amanda Baran
DHS Principal Director of Immigration Policy

Amanda R. Simpson
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Operational Energy

Amy Laitinen
Policy Advisor, Office of the Vice President

Ana Z Licona
Staffer - Presidential Personnel Office The White House

Andrea Ambriz
Deputy Director, The White House

Andrea C. Martinez
Federal Law Clerk

Andrea R. Flores
Special Assistant, Department of Homeland Security

Andres Chong-Qui Torres
Special Assistant to the A/S for International Finance, U.S. Treasury Department

Andrew J. Fishkin, Esq.
Senior Special Agent, ICE

Andrew Mayock
Associate Director Office of Management and Budget

Andrew McLaughlin
Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. (2009-11)

Anna Deal
Attorney Advisor - Executive Office For Immigration Review

Anna von Herrmann
Attorney Advisor, EOIR

Arturo Murguia
Special Assistant

Atara Eig
Assistant Chief Counsel, Miami Office of the Chief Counsel, Florida

Atenogenes Jose Villarreal
Special Assistant, Office of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers

Bert Kaufman
Senior Advisor, Office of Secretary Penny Pritzker, U.S. Department of Commerce

Brad Jenkins
White House, Associate Director of Public Engagement

Brandon M. Belford
National Economic Council

Brenda Treml
Immigration Services Officer

Brian Castro
National Ombudsman

Brian Forde
Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation, White House

Brittney Rocourt
Senior Advisor, USAID

Bushra Malik
Foreign Service Officer - Vice Consul

Callie Kozlak
LEE Public Policy Fellow, Office of the Secretary, US Department of Education

Camille Stewart
Senior Policy Advisor, DHS

Carlos Guevara
Counselor, Office of DHS Secretary

Carmen Lomellin
Ambassador to the OAS

Cecilia Muñoz
Director, White House Domestic Policy Council

Celinda M. Pena Shoffner
Senior Advisor, National Park Service

Cezar Lopez
Senior Advisor, Office for Civil Rights, US Dept of Health and Human Services

Charles Shane Ellison
Asylum Officer, USCIS, DHS

Chase Kimball
Digital Services Expert, DHS Digital Service

Chelsea Kammerer
Special Assistant, White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Christine Lin
Attorney Advisor, U.S. Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review

Claire Pratt
Attorney Advisor, DOJ/EOIR San Francisco immigration Court

Cristina Bernardo Kullberg
Senior Advisor, Rural Development, USDA

Dan Grant
Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary

Daniel Kidera
Director of Briefing Book for Secretary of Homeland Security

David Adeleye
Special Assistant to the Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services

David Durenberger
U.S. Senator, Minnesota

David Minge
U.S. Representative (D-MN2, 1993-2001)

David Whitman
Chief Speechwriter, Office of Communications and Outreach, Department of Education

Denice W. Ross
Senior Advisor, Community Solutions

Denise Vanison
USCIS Chief, Office of Policy

Dennis Jett
Career Diplomat and Ambassador to Peru and Mozambique

Diana Alvarez
Deputy Chief Counsel, ICE

Dinah Wiley
Senior Civil Rights Analyst, Office for Civil Rights, US Department of Health & Human Services

Doralicia Aguilera
Director of Government, International, and Public Affairs, PHMSA, DOT

Dorie Nolt
Press Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Douglas Jalaie

Edna Z. Ruano
Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications & Chief of Staff for Office of Public Affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Chief, Office of Communications at U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services; Director, Public Affairs and Communications at U.S. Department of State's Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator

Ellen Johnsen
USCIS/Administrative Appeals Office/Supervisory Appeals Officer

Emanuel Roth
Supervisory Immigration Services Officer

Emilie Hyams
Counselor to the Director, USCIS

Emily Creighton
Senior Advisor, CIS Ombudsman's Office (DHS)

Eric A. Fisher
Assistant U. S. Attorney

Eric Hysen
Executive Director, Department of Homeland Security Digital Service

Eric L. Hirschhorn
Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security

Eric Waldo
Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Education

Erika L. Glenn, Esq.

Esther Brimmer
Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs, Department of State

Esther Lee
Director, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, U.S. Department of Commerce

Esther F Morales
Executive Director, National Women's Business Council

Esther Olavarria
Senior Counselor to DHS Secretary Johnson

Fabiola Rodriguez-Ciampoli
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy

Faiza Sayed
Refugee Officer

Fatima Cuevas
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation

Francine M. Rodd
Staff Consultant to the Subcommittee on Latin American Affairs Foreign Relations Committee, US House of Representatives

Francis E. Johnson
Several positions: Immigration Inspector; Examiner; Criminal Investigator; Supervisory Naturalization Examiner; Trial Attorney

Francisco J. Sanchez
Under Secretary of Commerce

Frankie A. Martinez-Blanco
Director of Scheduling and Advance, U.S. Department of Education

Gabe Camarillo
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force

Gabriel Esquenazi
Strategic Communications, U.S. Department of Education

Gautam Raghavan
Obama White House liaison to the AAPI and LGBT communities; former White House liaison, U.S. Department of Defense

Gena Chieco
Counselor to the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Genevieve Gearity
Special Projects Coordinator, Strategic Communications, Office of Public Affairs

Georgina Verdugo
Director, Office for Civil Rights, US Dept. of Health & Human Services

Gina Flores
Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Ginny Barahona
Senior Advisor at U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Gloria Montaño
Arizona State Executive Director: USDA Farm Service Agency

Gordon Lafer
Senior Policy Advisor, House Committee on Education and Labor

Grande Lum
Director, Community Relations Service (US Department of Justice)

Grant Dasher
US Digital Service, USCIS

Hal Plotkin
Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education (2009-2014)

Heidi L Oligmueller

Heidi Shierholz
Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor

Henry T. Atkinson
Director, External Affairs, USDA Farm Service Agency

Ilaria Cacopardo
Intern at Miami Office of Chief Counsel

J. Gabriel Castro
Attorney-Advisor, Office of the Chief Immigration Judge

J. Todd Breasseale
DHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

Jacob Bell
Press Assistant, U.S. Department of Commerce

January Contreras
Senior Advisor to Secretary Napolitano

Jaqueline Cortez Wang
Deputy Director

Jeffrey Gorsky
Chief, Legal Advisory Opinion Division, Visa Office, US Department of State

Jeffrey S. Chase
Immigration Judge and BIA Senior Legal Advisor

Jennifer Jones
Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Housing & Urban Development

Jenny Montoya Tansey
Senior Advisor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Joanna Braden
Sr. Adjudications Officer/Appeals Officer/Asylum Officer

Joanne H. Urrutia
Deputy Director, Office of English Language Acquisition, U.S. Department of Education

Jocelyn Samuels
Director, Office for Civil Rights, Department of Health & Human Services

John Amaya
Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

John B. King, Jr.
Secretary of Education

John C. Yang
Senior Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

John T. Monahan
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Children and Families

John Trasviña
Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices, US Department of Justice, 1997-2001

Johnathan Smith
Senior Counsel, Office of the Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Jonathan L. Lee
Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Homeland Security

Jordan M Haas
Director of Office of Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs, International Trade Administration. Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

Jorge Silva-Puras
SBA Regional Administrator (Region 2)

José A. Rico
Executive Director White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

Jose Luis Melero
Senior Policy Advisor

Josh Mogil
Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General

Joshua Lamont
Office of Public Affairs, Department of Labor

Juan Sebastian Gonzalez
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

Judith A Canales
Administrator for USDA Rural Development Rural Business-Cooperative Programs

Julie Rodriguez
Deputy Director of Public Engagement at the White House

Katharine Ferguson
Chief of Staff for Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Chief of Staff for the Domestic Policy Council, The White House

Kathryn Greene
State and Local Coordinator, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, DHS

Kathryn Metcalf
Attorney Advisor, Executive Office for Immigration Review

Keith C. Williams
Acting Assistant Commissioner INS and U.S. Immigration Judge

Kelly S. Leon
Assistant Press Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Kevin Landy
Assistant Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Detention Policy and Planning

Kristen Nilsen

Kristie Hernandez
Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs

Kyle G Hansen
Deputy Chief, Enforcement Law Division, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Laura Peña
Trial Attorney, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS

Lauren Underwood
Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, US Department of Health and Human Services

Lauren Vargas
Legislative Assistant, Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano (2009-2012); Obama Administration Appointee (2014-2017)

Lea M. Crusey
Sr. Policy Advisor, US Department of Education

Lee Fink
Principal Deputy General Counsel, US Department of Agriculture

Lelaine Bigelow
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Relations

Leslie Wheelock
Director, USDA Office of Tribal Relations

Li Zhou
Director, Office of Advisory Committees & Industry Outreach, ITA, Department of Commerce

Libia Socorro Gil
Assistant Deputy Secretary

Lillian Pubillones Nolan
Director for Latin American Programs, National Endowment for Democracy

Linda J Hoener
District Operations Support Specialist

Lisa Hunter
Special Assistant, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Lisa Roney
USCIS Director of Research and Evaluation Division

Lizette Olmos
Special Assistant

Luis C. deBaca
Ambassador at Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Luis Miranda
Director of Hispanic Media, Executive Office of the President, The White House

Luz Mendez
Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs

M.E. (Liz) Cedillo Pereira
Senior Advisor, U.S. I.C.E.

Margaret Olmos
Chief of Staff, Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education

Margaret Young
Special Assistant, U.S. Department of Education

Maria Elena Juarez
Deputy Director for Public Engagement and Public Health Based Initiatives, Office of the Administrator, EPA

Maria Odom
DHS Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman

Maribel Piza

Marissa Padilla
HHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

Mark Greenberg
Acting Administration for Children and Families Assistant Secretary, HHS

Marlene Sallo
Staff Director, US Commission on Civil Rights

Marsha Catron
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Marta B. Urquilla
Senior Policy Advisor, Domestic Policy Council, The White House

Martin Cuellar
Deputy Director of Presidential Correspondence

Mary Ellen Callahan
Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mary Giovagnoli
DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary, Immigration Policy and INS/USCIS attorney

Max Finberg
Director, Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office at USDA

Mayra Alvarez
Director, State Exchange Group, CCIIO, CMS, Department of Health and Human Services

Megan H. Mack
Officer, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Melanie Muenzer
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Education

Melissa Crow
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Immigration Policy, DHS

Melody Gonzales
Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Dr. Melody Musgrove
Director, Office of Special Education Programs

Michael Blake
Associate Director for African-American, Minority & Women Business Enterprises and County outreach, Offices of Intergovernmental Affairs & Public Engagement

Michael C. Camuñez
Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Michael Cox
Special Advisor, Commerce Department

Michael Wear
White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Michelle Brane
Attorney Advisor, Board of Immigration Appeals, EOIR, DOJ

Mileydi Guilarte
Senior Advisor, USAID

Molly Dillon
Policy Advisor, Domestic Policy Council

Monica Barrera
Office of Senator Harry Reid (Democratic Leader, D-NV), Senior Advisor for Hispanic and Asian Affairs; Office of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Senior Policy Advisor for Latino Affairs

Natalie Trigo Reyes
Special Assistant, USAID Administrator’s Office

Nate Snyder
Senior Advisor, U.S. Countering Violent Extremism Task Force, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Nathaly Arriola
Press Secretary/Deputy Director of Communications at White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and OPM

Noerena Limon
White House Office of Political Affairs

Oliva Lopez
Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Peace Corps

Patricia Vroom
Chief Counsel - Arizona, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Patrick Hidalgo
White House Business Council Director

Paul W. Virtue
INS General Counsel and Executive Associate Commissioner, Programs

Paul Wickham Schmidt
United States Immigration Judge

Paulina Montanez-Montes
Deputy Director, Executive Secretariat, DOC

Philip McNamara
DHS Assistant Secretary for Partnerships and Engagement

Raed Gonzalez

Rafael Diaz

Rafael López
Commissioner, Administration on Children, Youth & Families; Senior Policy Advisor, Obama White House

Rajesh Nayak
Deputy Chief of Staff, US Department of Labor

Rebecca Carson
Chief of Staff, USCIS

Rebecca Dames
Attorney Adviser, DOJ

Rebecca Niburg
Supervisory Immigration Services Officer

Rebecca Peters
Detail Attorney and Policy Analyst for Legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service

Richard Feinberg
Special Advisor to the President for National Security Affairs

Richard Hujber, Esq.
Attorney-Advisor to both the Miami Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals - USDOJ/EOIR

Robert Carey
Director, Office of Refugee Resettlement, ACF, HHS

Roger Lowenstein
Federal Public Defender

Rosario T. Ruiz

Rose Hacking
HHS Political Appointee

Rosie Rios
Treasurer of the United States

Royce Bernstein Murray
Associate Counsel, USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel

Russell Shilling
Executive Director STEM Initiatives, Department of Education

Sally Cluthe
Senior Advisor

Sam Brown
Director of the White House Business Council

Sam Jammal
Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Industry and Security, US Department of Commerce

Samir Doshi
Senior Scientist, USAID

Scherrie V Giamanco

Seema Nanda
Chief of Staff, Department of Labor

Serena Hoy
Senior Counselor to DHS Secretary Johnson

Sergio Perez
Trial Attorney, Civil Rights Division, U.S Department of Justice

Seth M.M. Stodder
Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Border, Immigration & Trade - Obama Administration Director of Policy and Planning, U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Bush Administration

Shannon Roche
Director, Office of Business Liaison, Department of Commerce

Shantel Meek
Senior Policy Advisor

Sharon Lewis
Principal Deputy, Administration for Community Living, HHS

Sherry Lachman
Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Biden

Shin Inouye
Press Secretary and Acting Senior Advisor for Intergovernmental & External Affairs, USCIS (2014-2017); Director of Specialty Media, White House (2009-2014)

Shirley McKnight
Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program Specialist

Sky Gallegos
Associate Director for Policy in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Clinton White House and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental and External Affairs for the Department of Energy for President Obama

Soledad Roybal
Senior Advisor, US Department of State

Sonia Melendez Reyes
Special Assistant to Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis

Stanley Skinner
FDNS Officer

Stephanie Valencia
Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of Commerce

Stephen A. Horblitt
Office of Former Member of Congress Walter E. Fauntroy (D-DC)
Chair of Congressional Task Force on Haiti 1983-1990

Stephen Legomsky
Chief Counsel, US Citizenship & Immigration Services, Dept. of Homeland Security

Steven Hild
Chief of Staff, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services

Stevi Steines
Chief Deputy, Administration on Children, Youth & Families, HHS

Tammy Fox-Isicoff

Tammye Treino
Administrator, USDA, Rural Housing Service

Teodula Rosa Cavazos
HHS ACA Presidential Appointee

Teresa Chaurand
Director of Intergovernmental and External Affairs, US Peace Corps

Thomas E Ciapusci
Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist

Thomas K. Ragland
Appellate Attorney, Civil Division, Office of Immigration Litigation

Timothy Simmons
Policy Analyst, Office of Policy, Department of Homeland Security

Tony Martinez
Chief of Staff, Wage and Hour Division, US Department of Labor

Tyler Brandon
Deputy Chief of Staff, White House Domestic Policy Council

Tyler Moran
Deputy Director, Immigration, White House Domestic Policy Council

Valentina Pereda
Deputy Director of Hispanic Media, The White House

Vanita Gupta
Acting Assistant Attorney General and PDAAG, US DOJ Civil Rights Division

Vicki L. Walker
Oregon State Director, USDA Rural Development

Vicki Turetsky
Commissioner, Office of Child Support Enforcement

Victor C. Johnson
Staff Director, Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives

Victoria McCullough
White House Office of Public Engagement and U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Victoria Neilson
Associate Counsel, Refugee and Asylum Law Division, Office of the Chief Counsel, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Victoria Suarez-Palomo
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Business Affairs and Public Liaison, U.S. Treasury Department

Vikki Wachino
Deputy Administrator, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Director, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services

Vivian Graubard
Senior Advisor, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Wayne H. Price
ICE Assistant Chief Counsel

Weldon S. Caldbeck
Trial Attorney, DOJ/INS, 1988-2003; General Attorney, DHS/ICE 2003-2011

Will Ragland
Senior Adviser, Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs, U.S. Department of Education

William Reinsch
Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration

William Woodward
Deputy Director of Policy Planning, U.S. Department of State

*All titles indicate former positions and are used for identification purposes only