Advocate 10On March 16, 2010, during NAFSA's annual Advocacy Day, DeDe Long, Vice President of Public Policy and Practice, presented Sal Longarino of Fordham University with the 2010 Advocate of the Year Award.

Sal has been a very strong and dedicated advocate for international education at the state, federal, and national levels of government over the years. His colleagues have said that "he has endless energy for his work, and 'no' or 'not possible' just aren't words in his vocabulary."

Sal has been a champion for advocacy as a state whip and has kept NAFSAns in his region informed on international education issues. He frequently mentors new NAFSA members and motivates all to become advocates by joining NAFSA's Advocacy Centered Team and writing letters and making phone calls to their members of Congress.

After five years of sustained advocacy, Sal's tireless leadership, along with the support of members in Region X, resulted in New York becoming the 23rd state to adopt an international education resolution in 2009.

Sal has developed valuable relationships with state legislators as well as staff of Members of Congress at the federal level. He has been a regular participant at NAFSA's Advocacy Days, leading his state's delegation to promote NAFSA's public policy priorities, including pressing his New York's senators to cosponsor the Senator Paul Simon Study Abroad Act.

He has also represented NAFSA to the Department of Public Information at the United Nations. In this capacity, he has promoted international education on the global stage.