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Act immediately to pass the Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615; H.R. 3440) to provide a path to citizenship and an end to the fear of deportation for young people who were brought the United States without documentation as children.


The Dream Act is a bipartisan bill that would protect from deportation young people who were brought to the United States as children and grew up here but do not have legal status to remain in the United States. It would provide individuals who entered the United States before age 18 an opportunity to apply for conditional residence if they meet stringent requirements, including passing background checks. After establishing a history of attending an institution of higher education, serving in the military, or working, conditional residence could be converted to permanent legal residence, and eventually to citizenship.

If the bill is not passed, the nearly 800,000 young people who came forward in good faith to register for DACA, and many others, risk deportation, as well as an end to their studies, their employment, and their ability to contribute to the United States.

Because DACA ended on March 5, 2018, passage of the Dream Act is urgent and must be a priority for Congress. Passing permanent relief for Dreamers should not be linked to funding or building a border wall or other controversial measures. The future of these young people must not be used as a bargaining chip in the bigger immigration reform debate.

Dreamers cannot be sent back in the shadows to live in fear of being separated from their families and removed from the only country they call home. These are young people who have done everything asked of them and are integral to our country, communities, and economy.


Pass the Dream Act of 2017 to ensure a permanent legislative solution for those with DACA and to protect Dreamers. The Dream Act is the best way to ensure that DACA recipients will be able to continue to help America grow and prosper.


Heather Stewart, Counsel and Director of Immigration Policy, 202.737.3699 x4403, [email protected]  

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