DHS announced that it has begun "proof of concept" testing of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) for the US-VISIT program at five U.S. land borders: Pacific Highway, Washington; Peace Arch, Washington; Alexandria Bay, New York; Nogales East, Arizona; Mariposa-Nogales West, Arizona. At these ports of entry, travelers who are issued a Form I-94 or I-94W will be issued special I-94s that contain an RFID tag embedded in the paper stock. According to DHS, "no personal information will be included or encoded on the RFID tags...[t]he tags will only contain an embedded serial number that has no intrinsic relationship to the individual traveler. Only the DHS computers and databases will be able to link the embedded serial number to the traveler's biographic an biometric information when activated at the time of an exit or subsequent application for admission to the United States." AMDOC#: 200508008