In its 12 set of PERM FAQs, DOL provides guidance on completing the Employer Point of Contact Information field in Section D of ETA Form 9089, stating:

  • The employer must designate as its point of contact an employee of the employer who is authorized to act on its behalf in labor certification matters pertaining to the specific job opportunity for which certification is sought.
  • The designated employee may not be the sponsored foreign worker.
  • An authorized employee’s name and contact information must be listed in Section D of the employer’s submitted ETA Form 9089. It is not acceptable, for example, to reenter the employer’s name listed in Section C of the ETA Form 9089 or provide a generic title such as “HR Manager.”
  • The employer point of contact's name and/or contact information, e.g., the phone number and email address, must be different from the attorney or agent name and/or contact information listed in Section E of the ETA Form 9089, unless the attorney or agent is an employee of the employer.