On May 20, 2009, the Visa Office within the U.S. State Department held a quarterly teleconference with NAFSA leaders and staff. Read the attached summary of the Q&A.

Topics discussed in this call:

  1. SEVIS and CCD Interface
  2. Waiver of Interview
  3. Security Advisory Opinion (SAO) Delays
  4. Consulates Requiring Additional Documents (Conference Questionnaire)
  5. Updated 9 FAM Notes re: STEM OPT Extension
  6. Updated 9 FAM Notes: F-1 Visa for STEM OPT Extension Does Not Require Current EAD
  7. Office Hours for the Public Inquiry Division
  8. DOS F, M, J Cable 2009
  9. Appendix I: DOS 9 FAM 41.61 N13.5-1: NAFSA Recommendations