On December 17, 2008, the Visa Office within the U.S. State Department held a quarterly teleconference with NAFSA leaders and staff. Read the attached summary of the Q&A.

Topics discussed in this call:

Case Inquiries

1. F/M/J E-mail and the Public Inquiry Office
2. Contact Information for Individual Consulates


3. Visa Statistics for FY2008
4. Security Advisory Opinions
5. SAO Validity for Visa Renewals
6. SAO Inter-agency Delays
7. Online DS-160
8. Updated Exchange Visitor Skills List 6

Third Country National Applications

10. Processing Times for Third Country National Applications in Canada
11. Clarifying Which TCN Are Eligible to Apply in Mexico Fee Fraud
12. Reports of Fee Fraud in Ghana


13. PIMS Process with USCIS
14. Some Consulates Still Require Original I-797 Despite PIMS Process

Updated 9 FAM

15. 9 FAM Notes re: STEM OPT Extension
16. F-1 Visa for STEM OPT Extension Does Not Require Current EAD
17. J-1 Initial Arrival
18. F and M Visa Invalidation after Five Months Abroad