In its monthly teleconferences, the Education Abroad Regulatory Practice Committee reviews input from the practitioners in the field and recommends action.

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Teleconference - December 2, 2009

Members Present

Heather Thompson (Chair), DeDe Long (VP-PPP), Lynn Elliott, Sue Lewis, Heidi Soneson, Courtney Goike

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Staff Present
Beth Dennis

Input from KC Chair Streams

International Education Leadership: None reported
Teaching Learning Scholarship: None reported
Education Abroad: None reported

Reports / Recommendations from VP-PPP and Chair

  • VP-PPP is attending the December meeting of the Board
  • Kansas City – Relevant EA approved sessions: Hot Topics in Visas: UK, Best Practices in Education Abroad, OSAC with government representatives
  • Update on recruiting – applications have been received for all available positions

Input from Subcommittees / Point People

  • Heidi Soneson/Lynn Elliott – See below

Issues Report Recommended Action
French immigration/visas residency issues, particularly NY Consulate Recommend that Consular Liaisons and French Country Coordinator follow up with NY consulate and embassy at request of NAFSA staff. Recommend results to be posted to
Students wishing to student-teach in the UK are unsure which visa "tier" to travel under Recommend that UK consular liaisons request clarification from Entry Clearance Managers. NAFSA staff will follow-up with British Council and UKBA.

Staff Updates

  • WLM – Staff will schedule meeting with offices within the Dept of State