In order to synthesize the research that has been done regarding education abroad, a number of individuals, organizations, and institutions have created bibliographies that organize the research into various categories.

By Individuals

A number of annotated bibliographies on U.S. students abroad compiled and edited by David Comp are available through his International Higher Education Consulting site. Bibliography topics include:

From Institutions and Organizations

The Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research (CALPER)
CALPER, a National Language Resource Center at The Pennsylvania State University, provides free downloads of Language Teaching and Learning Materials, Teacher Development, CALPER Working Paper Series, CALPER Professional Development Documents and Other Studies and Reports that may be of interest to NAFSA members. Visitors must create a free login in order to download resources.

"Research on Language Learning in Study Abroad (1998-2005)" by Celeste Kinginger (2005) listed under CALPER Professional Development Documents may be of particular interest to Research/Scholarship subscribers

The Center for Global Education at California State University Dominguez Hills has as one of its objectives encouraging research in international education and includes work by a number of NAFSA members. The Center's collection is organized by author and title, and is also searchable by key word.

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