In order for internationalization to succeed on our campuses, faculty as well as administrators must be involved. Below are resources that consider the vital role of faculty in the process of internationalization.

Models for Involving Faculty in Campus Internationalization

The Global: Implications for Research and the Curriculum at Brandeis University (2.3Mb Icon PDF 16)
This symposium was a two-day conversation for faculty on the globalization of higher education. A brief report (2.25Mb Icon PDF 16) is available to download. You may also view a video of the keynote speaker, Professor Arjun Appadurai, of the New School.

Association of American Colleges and Universities - Shared Futures Project
This site explores a best practice for using global learning goals as organizing principles for general education programs and to prepare students for citizenship in a world of global change and interdependence.

The Longview Foundation & SPICE at Stanford
For College of Education faculty to secure grants on ways to include ideas on incorporating global dimensions in the teaching of K-12 teachers.

American Council on Education
Promoting the internationalization of the disciplines, ACE has developed resources that can be found through its Where Faculty Live: Internationalizing the Disciplinesproject.

Seven Revolutions Project
The "Seven Revolutions Project" is a resource designed to assist anyone to strategically think of the needs of future generations. Some universities are using this to hold discussions with faculty and administrators on why internationalization is important.

Faculty Overseas Development Opportunities

The Council on International Educational Exchange
CIEE offers International Faculty Development Seminars for faculty development/involvement/making connections in the international arena.

Publications About Faculty Engagement in Internationalization

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  • Childress, Lisa (2010). The Twenty-first Century University: Developing Faculty Engagement in Internationalization (Complicated Conversation: a Book Series of Curriculum Studies). New York: Peter Lang.
    Read a review about this book.
  • Dewey, Patricia and Stephen Duff (2009). "Reason Before Passion: Faculty Views on Internationalization in Higher Education," Higher Education, 58:491-504.
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