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Processing Fees

Starting March 31, 2010, the processing fees will be increased as follows:
  • USD 70 is the processing fee for the students enrolled in an exchange program
  • USD 140 is the processing fee for the students enrolled as independent

Processing Time and Requirements

For more information related to the students' visas issuance, please refer to the following link: http://www.consulfrance-[name of the city of the consulate assigned].org

Upon receipt of the applicants' complete files, CampusFrance needs at least three weeks to process each application. Additionally, according to the location and the time of the year, it may take up to three weeks to obtain a visa appointment from the French Consulate, which will return your passport with the visa within one week.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all applicants must properly file their applications at least two months prior to their departure to France.

CampusFrance cannot take the applicants phone calls except in case of emergency.

Priority is granted to students who have started early and followed the different steps for registration.

Following our instructions will minimize the awaiting time and make the applications process faster. We advise the students to focus on the following:
  1. Fill out the application online
  2. Mail out the processing fee to CampusFrance in Washington, DC along with a COPY of the acceptance letter either from the host institution or the home university in the United States. This letter should be written under the letterhead of the institution or the university, and include the following information: name of the applicant, address, length of stay, departure date, signature and references of the person who signs the letter, emails not accepted).


If an application has been properly filed more than three business weeks ago, and if an appointment with the assigned consulate is scheduled within three days without receiving any confirmation from CampusFrance, immediately send us a request in this matter via fax to 202-944-6584. Please refer to the attached sample.

This fax must provide: 1 - name of the student 2 - US CampusFrance identification number : US****** number 3 - Exact time of the appointment 4 - Consulate assigned 5 - Departure time planned 6 - Telephone number (with its area code) where the student or his(her) adviser can be reached.

In case of emergency, the following contact information can be used ONLY by the NAFSA members and Advisors:
Fadila El-Belghiti: 202 944 6089
Severine Debets : 202 944 6583
Aude Oubelkhir : 202 944 6527
Jean Paulhan : 202 944 61 21

If ever you are in Washington DC or stop by Washington, do not hesitate to call us: we will be happy to meet you.