Final Rule on EVP Fees Effective December 3, 2007

Note: This 2007 library document is being maintained as a reference resource only. A final rule effective March 28, 2011 set new fees for Exchange Visitor Program services. Consult the 2011 rule for rates that supersede the December 3, 2007 fee structure.


The Department of State final rule effective November 1, 2007 affected the fees and charges for Exchange Visitor Program services as follows:

  1. It more than doubled the fee for program designation, from $799 to $1,748.
  2. It applied the $1,748 fee to applications for redesignation, whereas redesignations filed before December 3, 2007 were processed with no fee.
  3. It raised the fee by $48 for extensions beyond the maximum duration, for change of category, "permission to issue," and for reinstatement and reinstatement-update SEVIS status requests, from $198 to $246.
  4. It applied a new fee of $246 for "ECFMG sponsorship authorization, and permission to issue." It is not clear from the sparse wording of the rule in what circumstances this new fee will be applied.
  5. It eliminated the $43 fee for a rush request for IAP-66 Forms (most likely because that fee was made obsolete given that quantities of Forms DS-2019 are set electronically in SEVIS).
Final Rule on EVP Fees Effective December 3, 20072007-11-01Final Rule on EVP Fees Effective December 3, 2007 pdf