Copies of the INS "no-show" reporting memos attached to I-20s collected at the port-of-entry. Contains both SEVIS and non-SEVIS versions.

Section 501(c)(1)(D) of the Border Security Act requires a school to report to INS when an F-1 or M-1 student that has used the school’s I-20 to enter the United States does not register for classes within 30 days following the school’s registration deadline. The obligation to report arises when INS notifies a school that a student has entered the United States with the school’s I-20. INS notifies a school of such an entry by forwarding Form I-20 to the school after it has been entered into INS’s database.

Schools do not have to report to INS on students to whom they have issued an I-20, but who did not use the school’s I-20 to enter the United States.

INS has begun attaching a cover memo to each processed Form I-20 it sends back to a school. The memo contains detailed instructions on how to accomplish the required reporting. There are separate memos for SEVIS I-20s and non-SEVIS I-20s.

-A non-SEVIS school that receives an I-20 School Copy with a cover letter must report if the student does not register within 30 days of the registration deadline, by calling the INS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.
-A SEVIS school that receives a SEVIS I-20 with a cover letter must report if the student does not register within 30 days of the close of the registration period, by calling the same Customer Service Center number, 1-800-375-5283. Until port of entry systems are integrated into SEVIS, INS must continue to input SEVIS I-20 information into their current data system. Since SEVIS I-20s only have one page, INS is collecting the original SEVIS I-20 at the port of entry in order to enter its information into the INS system. The DSO will therefore be receiving the original, and only, SEVIS I-20. The memo instructs the SEVIS DSO that he or she must provide the original SEVIS I-20 to the student when they arrive on campus. AMDOC#: 200209009