A Guide for Senior International Officers and Education Abroad Directors

In January 2008, a NAFSA task force of presidents and senior administrators issued a landmark report, Strengthening Study Abroad: Recommendations for Effective Institutional Management. This report, the first set of comprehensive recommendations to address the importance of integrating study abroad into the institution, provides an opportunity for campus-wide involvement in discussing key study abroad management issues.

The report was endorsed by a number of higher education associations, and some of these - AASCU, AACC, NASULGC as examples - are planning to or have already distributed the report to college and university presidents.

Using the Report

How you use the report depends on your campus environment. In a recent Collegial Conversation, four prominent study abroad professionals - Joe Brockington (Kalamazoo), Kathleen Sideli (Indiana), Susan Thompson (UNLV), and Anders Uhrskov (DIS) discussed the value of the report, and their ideas for using it on a campus.

IMSA report cover

  1. 1. Before you do anything else, read the report and review your own policies and procedures to see how well they reflect the task force recommendations.

  2. 2. Review examples of tools and strategies from various institutions that illustrate and support the application of the report's recommendations and contribute examples from your institution. Senior administrators and education abroad professionals welcome samples to review, and the report is enriched by a variety of examples from various institutions.

  3. 3. Bring the report to the attention of the senior administrators on your campus. They may well receive the report from other sources at another time - more than one reminder is helpful to them. A set of Frequently Asked Questions provides a quick overview you can use.

  1. When the opportunity presents itself, encourage a dialogue on your campus about the report. As the report points out, the discussion should include not only study abroad, but other campus stakeholders such as institutional counsel, student services, and faculty deans. You can download a sample PowerPoint presentation. (1mb Icon PPT 16)

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