Activity Information
Recommended Audience
Community members
Maximum:60 - Minimum: 35
Length of Time
Lunch/presentation: 1 1/2 hrs.
Prep time: 5 hours
As needed (PowerPoint, slides, artifacts)
Number of Facilitators
Facilitators 1-3 presenters
Source of Activity
Joanne Green, International Hospitality Council
Opportunity for community members to learn about another culture and for internationals to share information and cuisine

Cultural Lunches

Each month, our organization hosts a lunch prepared by an international student/group of students from a different country. Following lunch, our international guests present some information, often with slides, from their country. The event is typically attended by 40-60 community people (many retired); 12-1pm (or somewhat longer).

  1. Recruit an international person or group who is willing to help plan and prepare a simple meal as well as make a presentation about their country
  2. Assist internationals with planning the event – menu, shopping, arrange for any special equipment, recruit volunteers to assist with cooking, set-up, and clean-up
  3. Send invitations to mailing list of interested guests (post-cards) (RSVP requested)
  4. On the morning of the lunch, help with cooking; set up room (set tables, set up video equipment, display tables)
  5. Guests pay $5/person. We have been fortunate to have space donated by a local church (kitchen as well as serving/presentation area)
  6. Make introductions; have international describe food. Serve lunch (usually buffet style)
  7. Presentation by internationals (usually 20-25 minutes plus questions)
  8. Thank you's, announcements
  9. Clean-up (IHC staff and volunteers)

A long-term program; development precedes my association with IHC


Guests pay $5/lunch
Costs for food range from $75-125/lunch (paid from receipts)
Use of church is free


Postcard mailing each month to ~200 people


Plan well in advance for presenter and always have an idea in case someone cancels!