Activity Information
Recommended Audience Study Abroad, General, Community Members, Parents, Resident Assistants
Length of Time 20-30 minutes, depending on size of group
Resources Sometimes I give the "rules" to the Uftalanders so they remember how to respond. I often give a list of 20-25 yes-no questions to help the others.
Number of Participants 15-20
Source of Activity Chris Raskin, AFS volunteer
Purpose How it feels to not understand another language


Select a portion of the goup, maybe 5 percent and take them out of the room. Explain to them that they are from Uftaland and only speak Uftalander, but they do know yes and no in English. They will be asked questions by those in the other group and are to respond as follows: Males will answer yes to all females who question them and to all males who smile when they question them. Answer no to males who question them, but do not smile. Females are to answer yes to all males who question them and answer no to all females who question them.

Bring the Uftalanders back into the main room and introduce them as Uftalanders and say that they really only speak Uftalander. They can say yes and no in English. The large group is then invited to get to know the Uftalanders by asking questions that require only a yes or no answer. The large group is encouraged to speak with as many of the Uftalanders as possible. After a period of time (usually determined by the size of the is shorter if the group is smaller), the exercise is processed.

  • What did people see?
  • What did they feel?
  • What is the implcation of the exercise?